Guardians of the Galaxy has a trailer! And here it is!

If you don’t know who the Guardians of the Galaxy are, well, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Only really big comic fans are actually familiar with them. All you really need to know about them is they’re the latest group of heroes that Marvel is giving a big budget movie to!

If you’re a big wrestling fan, it also has Batista in it as Drax the Destroyer. If you love (rabid) animals, it has Rocket Racoon! If you love plants (or Ents), you’ll love Groot! If you love green skinned women, you got Gamora. So, it has something for everybody!

Oh, there is a kick-ass movie in there somewhere as well. Here’s the first ever trailer for the film.

Guardians of the Galaxy is slated to be released on the 1st of August of this year.


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