A Brief (Fictional) History of Geeky Timelines

Ah, the future! Every science fiction writer will have their own take on what it will look like. Some will depict the human race finally be living in an era of peace and cooperation. While others will tell tales of a dystopian future, where lawlessness is the rule of the land.

Of course, there will always be a time when the present catches up to the future, which is why a lot of writers don’t put dates as to when important events will happen. But there are still a few of them that had the balls to put an actual date to these important events.

Here’s just a small smattering of these historical events that have already passed and me trying to piece them together into one coherent story:

Event: The Eugenics Wars

Date: Sometime during the 1992-1996 period

As Seen In: Star Trek 

Or, The Origin Of A Great Leader

Or, The Backstory Of A Great Villian

Scientists wanted to improve on humans through selective breeding and gene manipulation. And it worked! The result is a series of “supermen,” with abilities like incredible intelligence, superior strength and the like. They became known as the Augments.¬†Most of the Augments realized their superiority of regular humans and decided to take over the world and they succeeded during the early 90’s!

Although the ordinary humans eventually rallied and managed to dispose of these dictators, the Eugenics War took a massive toll on the world’s resources, resulting in…

Event: The Oil Wars

Date: Sometime during 1998

As Seen In: Mad Max

Resources become limited and rationed, with Austrailia being one of the worst hit. Lawlessness hits the continent hard with a myriad of gangs sprouting up all over the place. Civilization apparently breaks down. The smaller towns are simply taken over by these gangs. Essentially,

The world seems to be in total turmoil, until a significant event crash lands in the Pacific…

Event: The Arrival of the SDF-1, the revelation of aliens and global unification

Date: July of 1999

As Seen In: Macross

The answer to if humans were alone in the universe was answered on that faithful day in July, 1999. A huge spacecraft cuts a large path of destruction in Earth before eventually touching down in a small island in the Pacific. The world is shocked and stunned by the revelation of proof of alien life. The world’s governments come together and decide to pool their remaining resources to restore the spacecraft.

With the discover of alien technology, scientists manage to advance computer technology and spaceflight by leaps and bounds, leading to…

Event: Spaceflight and the invention of sentient machines

Date: Sometime in 2001

As Seen In: 2001: A Space Oddessey

Vast space stations are built in order to facilitate the exploration of the universe, as the world is now eager to search for extra-terrestrial life. Humans recognize the need for advanced artificial intelligence to help them navigate throughout the universe. One of the most advanced AI units is placed on the Discovery One mission to Jupiter. Dubbed HAL 9000, the machine does gain sentience and try to kill the crew.

Even with the “mishap,” the world’s scientists do appreciate what a breakthrough this is. They implement what they learn from the HAL 9000 to build robots with the ability to think for themselves.

Event: Robots are now everywhere

Date: Sometime between 2000 to 2009 (as noted by the year 200X)

Robots have not become commonplace. They are built to be a boon to mankind, doing the duties that would be too dangerous for ordinary humans to perform. Although they are sentient machines, they do sometimes make poor judgement calls and are relatively easy to manipulate, especially if one has the scientific know-how to do so.

Still, the future is relatively peaceful. Especially if you consider the world was such a mess just 2 decades ago because of the Eugenics War. Even with all of this, there’s still a bright future to look out for.

What are the other fictional future events you remember? How can they relate to the stories of other “futures” as well? Put them in the comments section below!


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