Episode 41: So, Driving In Grand Theft Auto Is MUCH Different From Real Life


Last time, I talked about my paranoia of losing my millions and all of my ill-gotten gain from Grand Theft Auto Online. Well, it’s been a week and, I’m happy to say I still have my fancy apartment, my great looking cars and most of my stuff. Oh, sure, I’m not a gajillionaire anymore. But at least I’m not scared of being branded a cheat anymore!

[Picture of apartment with stripper]

Anyway, I’m still playing GTA Online and exploring the nooks and crannies of Los Santos. Usually, I drive around just looking for interesting stuff. But, right now, I’m more interested in learning how to drive in real life! Yes, I finally got my parents’ permission to get a learner’s permit and actually get behind the wheel of a real life vehicle. And I did just that recently!

Now, since I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto Online for so long, my parents were actually worried that I would actually be driving like that in real life! While it may seem silly, they do have the mindset that, since I drive “recklessly” (that means driving off a highway intersection to avoid the cops) in the game, I may think that it’s okay to drive like that in real life. Must be an age gap thing.

I tried to reassure them that it’ll never happen. Besides, driving in Grand Theft Auto is nothing like driving in the real world!

Like this would happen during my first day out!

Like this would happen during my first day out!

It’s hard for them to get that the world of Los Santos is nothing like the real world! For one, the streets so wide in the game! I mean, you could actually squeeze in between two cars in an intersection with ease! Everyone generally follows the rules of the road (and you’re pretty much the only one that breaks the rules). And, when (not if) you do break the laws of driving in Grand Theft Auto, the cops won’t do anything!

Now, if you do something bad that’s un-driving related, like punching a guy out, that’s when they go crazy! They’ll chase you to the ends of the earth until they catch… wait. I don’t think they actually aim to catch you! I think it’s an automatic shoot to kill order! I can’t even remember if I’ve ever been arrested while playing the game!

This just keeps happening

This just keeps happening

Now, compare this to real life… these things just don’t happen! Traffic is so dense here that there’s just no way you can go between two vehicles, especially while going at 80 km/h! The roads in real life are filled with weird hazards, like potholes, cats trying to cross the street and, yes, other drivers that don’t follow the rules!

I guess parents just can’t accept that video games, no matter how realistic they are, don’t really equate to how the real world operates. Just because I drive like a maniac in a game, it doesn’t mean I’ll go out driving like a maniac out on the streets in real life! You know why? Because, amazingly enough, I know the difference between fiction and reality!

In Grand Theft Auto, I’m given a safe and artificial place where I can go crazy! I’m able to drive and knowingly go on the wrong side of the road. I’m given the chance to live out my “evil” side and pick fights with total strangers. I’m not embarrassed to go to a strip bad and “experiment” with the same sex! I have the bravery to skydive off a helicopter just to land on a moving truck! It’s a fantasy and I’m fully aware that it is.



But, in reality, I would never do those things! I’m afraid of getting hurt or, worse, dying! So, I would never really drive as crazy as I do in a game. Nor would I do the insane acts of violence that I perform while visiting the state of San Andreas! I’m just too big of a chicken to do them.

Besides, where would I get a rocket launcher?

Anyway, earlier I mentioned how my parents reacted to my playing of violent games and how they think it’ll affect me. I don’t think it’ll affect me and I’ll go get to explaining why… which I’ll talk about next time!


What about you? Do you think you’d do any of the crazy stuff you do in video games? Whatever it is, let me know in the comments section below!

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