Three “Love Songs” That Have Hidden (Evil) Meanings

I normally ride a jeep (the most common form of public transportation where I live) to get to work. Usually, the driver will tune into one of the more annoying radio stations. You know, that station where the DJ will play a laugh track when he says anything (and I mean anything) regardless if it’s hilarious or not. This is usually the radio station that also seems to be stuck in the past as it only plays old songs. It doesn’t matter where you live; there’s always that station.

Anyway, one day, the radio was playing one of those sappy songs (like they usually do) during my commute and one of the girls squealed to her friends that the song was the song he and her boyfriend would want to play at their wedding. I guess they never really bothered to listen and analyze the lyrics of that song since that would actually be the worst idea ever to play at a wedding!

It appears people don’t really listen to lyrics so I decided to compile a short list of three relatively popular “love” songs to make the general public aware that they don’t really have “good intentions,” so to speak.

First off is the song that inspired this list…

1) It’s Sad To Belong – England Dan & John Ford Coley

The man singing it wants to leave the woman he’s with because he thinks he’s found his soulmate with another woman! It’s even mentioned in the refrain how awful this song really is! Heck, it in the freaking title! And this girl wants “It’s Sad To Belong” at her wedding? I’m amazed that none of her friends even corrected her that the song is about wanting to cheat on your significant other!

“Oh, it’s sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along
Yes, it’s sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along”

It’s right there in black and white! And they even repeat it like, what, three times throughout the song? Some people really need to think before they choose their theme songs.

Speaking of infidelity…

2) Terminal – Rupert Holmes

It may seem like a very innocent song… at first. Man rides a bus to work and sees a beautiful woman. They both seem to have a connection. When the girl disembarks, the man follows her. He then calls in sick to spend the entire day with the woman (and imply they do make love). In fact, being with the woman made the man feel alive again!

Then, the shocking twist is revealed… the man is married! He just had an affair with a strange woman!

“Could have held up
Budding my entire life
But I had to get home
To the kids and the wife and so”

The man does contemplate leaving his wife (and kids) but chickens out. So, he returns to his humdrum life. He eventually realizes he regrets his decision. He now knows he missed his chance for true happiness and resigns himself to living a boring life.

Finally, let’s talk about settling…

3) Be My Number Two – Joe Jackson

I actually remember this song because of something I saw during my college days. During Valentines Day, the various clubs and organizations would set up booths with different ideas to raise money. One of those booths would send their club members to sing to the client’s female object of affection. I saw one of the them sing “Be My Number Two” and… the girl actually enjoyed it.

I guess that girl didn’t know it means she was the guy’s second choice!

“Won’t you be my number two
Me and number one are through
There won’t be too much to do
Just smile when I feel blue”

The song is actually about breaking up with someone and, realizing there’s no hope for reconciliation, settle for “number two.” Not your first choice! But your back up!

If that’s not love, I don’t know what that is!

So, it’s January! I’ve given you readers fair warning about these three songs! Don’t make the mistake of playing them for your significant other!

Have you have any other ideas of “awful” love songs that I missed? Leave them in the comments section below!




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