Episode 32: Fear and Loathing In Los Santos: Part II


Last week, I started my adventure in the online world of Grand Theft Auto and how I inadvertently destroyed a tank! Afterwards, I managed to rob a few gas stations and convenience stores (sorry, Mr. Storekeeper! But a gal’s gotta eat!), went on a few races (and actually won a few of them! Yay me!), took on a couple of missions (with me doing all the work) and sold a few cars. Honestly! I wish it were much easier to make a living in Los Santos! I mean, isn’t there any legal means to make a few bucks in this town?

Me at my new job :O

Me at my future place of employment?

But all that hard (illegal) work paid off! I managed to earn a pretty big amount of cash. So what’s a girl gonna do with large budget? Why, go on a shopping spree, of course! Okay, yes, it is a little bit stereotypical for a girl to go crazy and “shop ’til you/I drop” when a gal does come across some money. But, hey! Some stereotypes are true! I’m living proof of that!

I went to the nearest clothing store… now, what do I get first?

Being someone who loves going to the beach in real life, I decided to look for a swimsuit. Well, the only thing I could find that I liked just happened to be a white bikini. While I don’t really wear something this revealing in real life, I think my online Robin can pull it off! I guess all that running from crazy tanks paid off!

Ready for the beach!

Ready for the beach!

What else should I buy? Well, even though I haven’t found any “Help Wanted” signs for the entire week I’ve been in Los Santos, there’s no telling when a company may be looking for a young, career-oriented, go-getter like myself! I better be ready for a possible job interview if the opportunity does come up! So I better find a decent business suit!

Going through the rack, I did find something that I liked and something that my online Robin can full off nicely. I tried it on and, thank God it fit perfectly! I wonder if these stores have any clothes for fat people. Come to think of it, I haven’t really seen any overweight people yet. Well, what do you expect from a town where your only sustenance comes from candy and soda? I haven’t had a burger for the longest time! Well, the suit does look good on me so I decided to ring it up!

Wouldn't you give this gal a job?

Wouldn’t you give this gal a job?

I was getting a bit sick of my current look. I mean, there’s just so many hours you can look at a girl wearing a skintight white tank top, super-short shorts and knee-high boots before you get bored. Am I right, guys?

Well, what do you guys know about fashion anyway!

I decided to cover up a little skin. Red’s my favorite color so I perused the racks for anything in red. I was fairly disappointed that I couldn’t find anything that I really, really liked! I mean, my business suit and bikini jumped out at me! So why is it so hard finding any casual clothing? I did find a jacket with red sleeves so I got that. And I managed to find a pair of jeans that matched the denim jacket. I also found some really cute purple laced sneakers so I got them as well! But when I put it all together it just didn’t match the way I pictured it. I wish I could return some of them for store credit!

But it still has the tags on!

But it still has the tags on!

I went back as did a little more digging and, finally, I found a tank top in red! But I didn’t think it matched the sneakers that I got. I knew I was going to wear these shoes for my majority of my stay (they’re stylish and comfortable!) so I was hesitant to get the red tank top. Well, I still had money to burn anyway… I still bought it on a whim

Then I actually found some jeans that matched the shoes! Naturally, they fit perfectly. But how would it look if I combined it with the tank top? I didn’t think it would work but, in my opinion, the entire look works for my online Robin! I’m keeping it!

Looking good (as usual)!

Looking good (as usual)!

Well, now that I’ve burned through most of my savings, I better find a few convenience stores to rob. I think my car needs a new paint job and… wait, I’ve been homeless since my stay here in Los Santos, haven’t I? Better look for places to stay!


Have you gone clothes shopping? How did your characters look afterwards? Were you pleased with the outcome? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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