A Diary of Living Without Internet for Three Weeks

Day 1: It is the middle of the night. I’m browsing the Internet for some funny stuff on Cracked while, in the other tabs of Google Chrome, I have a whole bunch of YouTube videos buffering to make it easy to view after I’m done reading the article.

However, after a few minutes, I tried loading the next page of the article I was reading and got an error message that the webpage is not available. I tried checking my YouTube videos to see if they loaded but they only can play up to a certain point. That’s when I noticed the icon on the bottom of my desktop saying I’ve lost connection to the Internet.

The message I will be getting for the next couple of weeks.

The message I will be getting for the next couple of weeks.

I didn’t mind it too much. After all, it was the middle of the night and I needed to get some sleep anyway. So I turned off my computer and Internet as well. I’ll check on them tomorrow.

Day 2: After arriving home from work, I was eager to get some writing done. I just needed to check on something before I can start. Research is a very important part of writing, you know. So, I turned on my DSL box as soon as I got home. However, when I tried to connect to the Internet again, I still was getting the same “No Internet access” error message.

My mother checked the phone line and noticed we weren’t getting a dial tone anymore. Well, it has been a stormy week so PLDT DSL (the company that provides my Internet service) could just be having technical difficulties. I’m a pretty forgiving person and it’s only been a couple of days so I’ll let the issue slide for now.


They never did say how reliable they would be.

Day 3: I didn’t have any work today so the very first thing I did was to turn on the DSL box and try to connect again. But, to my dismay, the DSL light isn’t even turning on. We checked the phone line once more and we still weren’t getting any dial tone. Now, I’m starting to get irritated. We called up PLDT to report the issue.

The person on the other end said they’ll be checking if there was a problem in out area (there wasn’t since out neighbors didn’t have the same issue). But! They’ll be filing a ticket and they’ll get back to us as soon as they know something… but they forgot they can’t call us since our phone isn’t working! Oh, they didn’t get our cell phone numbers, so, yeah. Brilliant!

Day 5: The storm that has been hitting the country has passed and we now have some Internet… at intermittent times. Sometimes it’s super strong and fast but, most of the time, it’s either super slow or nonexistent. I better upload some of the articles while I have the chance. Maybe PLDT did fix the issue. Maybe it was just the weather. I guess only time will tell if this will be permanent.

Day 6: Nope. It wasn’t permanent. Got up this morning and there was both no Internet and no phone signal. We had several relatives and friends call up the service line of PLDT now, hoping if more people complain, they’ll get to work on it faster.

Here's hoping some of them started yelling.

Here’s hoping some of them started yelling.

Day 8: There has been no Internet for the past 8 days already. The phone sometimes works but with a lot of static. Well, that’s progress… maybe.

Day 9: Finally! Someone from PLDT came over to test the lines. He checked the phone box and confirmed what we’ve already known: there’s something wrong with the phone line. Well, I could have told him that! We then asked him what needs to be done. He replied that, since the problem isn’t within the house, it has to be something outside. Once again, something I could have told him! He’ll go file a ticket with the main office.

The troubling thing is he said that he’s just getting around to checking the tickets that were given to him 2 weeks ago! So, does that mean it’ll take much longer for our line to be fixed? 

Day 11: I had some articles that have to be posted so I went to an Internet cafe to fix them up. I also sent an email to my contact at Gamemoir (one of the sites that I write for) about my situation. I did reassure her I already submitted my article online and I’ll find a way to make sure I don’t miss my weekly deadline. I also inform my writing partner, Robin, to post anything she may find interesting while my Internet is down.

This is a file photo of Robin

This is a file photo of Robin on vacation in the UK

Day 12: Still no word as to when our line will be checked again. My mother, who uses the phone to talk to a lot of people during the day is already irate. She uses our cousin’s phone line to threaten PLDT that, if this doesn’t get resolved within the next couple of days, we will be cancelling both the DSL line and phone line. They ask for us to be patient… which is kind of ridiculous considering we’ve been waiting for almost 2 weeks! My mother demands that we shouldn’t be billed for the past 12 days since we haven’t been able to use their services for that length of time.

The thing that gets me angry is they don’t even give a reason why it’s taking so long!

Day 14: We have intermittent Internet and phone again. I use the time to research on some stuff and schedule some stuff for both 3rd World Geeks and my other site Geek Wisdom. I haven’t written a lot of articles in such a short span of time in my life!

Day 17: Utterly ridiculous! My mother complains again to PLDT about such poor service and once again reiterates she doesn’t want to be billed for no service; an unreliable connection doesn’t me “we have service for a while.” No, that just means we get lucky… and we shouldn’t “feel” lucky we have Internet if we pay for it in the first place! We actually talk about looking for a new Internet and phone provider.

Day 18: I’m pretty much resigned to the fact we’ll probably not get Internet in the near future. I buy one of those small Internet starter kits from Smart Broadband. At least I’ll be able to write normally when we do disconnect our service.

The girl in the picture sure looks happy with her Internet connection anyway.

The girl in the picture sure looks happy with her Internet connection anyway.

Day 19: I start using the Smart Broadband starter kit. I feel a little more relaxed now. It may be slow but I can work at a more relaxed pace now.

Day 20: We search for Internet service providers in our area. So far, the only candidate would be Globe broadband. I wish I had a better selection but, since that’s the only one that can give us a good Internet rate, looks like we’ll be going with them starting next week.

Day 21: We arrive from a dinner at around 7 in the evening. Surprisingly, we both have the phone and Internet service back up again!

Day 22: PLDT called my mother while I was out. They said they came by yesterday to fix it and they were trying to contact us that it was okay but they couldn’t reach us. Well, if they got our cell phone number, that would’ve been much easier!

And you know what was the problem? A rusted screw!

Not an actual photo... but you get the idea.

Not an actual photo… but you get the idea.

So, you’re telling me it took them 3 weeks to replace a single screw? Really? All this trouble for a screw?

Anyway, we have Internet now and that’s passed. But, if we have connection problems again, they better remember where to find that screw again!

Have you ever had a bad customer service experience? Or a time when you had to go without Internet for an extended period of time? Leave your stories in the comments section below!




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