Episodes 24: People Better Than The Hero


Last time I talked about some of my favorite bad guys! Now, I want to talk about good guys… but not the main hero of the story. No, I’m going to talk about the people who help out the hero and, without them, the hero is pretty much nothing!

First, for me, would be Ken Masters from the Street Fighter games. While he some people may not consider him a sidekick, I honestly believe he is actually one of the perfect examples of what a sidekick is. For one, you cannot think of Ken without thinking of Ryu. However, with Ryu, he’s his own person and pretty much his own character. In fact, the main reason why Ken joins the Street Fighter tournament every time is to challenge Ryu. On the other hand, Ryu joins the tournament just because he wants to test himself against the strongest fighters… not just Ken.

Hey, look! Ryu dyed his hair blonde!

Hey, look! Ryu dyed his hair blonde!

Even with this, I think Ken is much better than Ryu! They do have pretty much the same moves (fireball, hurricane kick and dragon punch) yet they do play differently enough to warrant them being two distinct characters. But the main reason why I think Ken is a better character (not fighter, there’s a difference) is because, unlike Ryu, he actually matured. Ken got married, had a kid and took his brother-in-law’s advice to “go home and be a family man.” I may admire Ryu for his single-minded purpose to be the best fighter in the world but Ken realized that there was more to being the greatest fighter in the world.

Next, I have to talk about Spock from Star Trek. While James T. Kirk may be the captain of the USS Enterprise, it’s Spock that I think people should listen to. I have to give prop to Kirk, though. He is incredibly brave. I guess you have to be if you’re roaming around the galaxy, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations and boldly going where no one has gone before. And I actually think Spock knows this… and is just keeping an eye on Kirk just in case he does something really stupid.

Spock's been saving Kirk's butt to make sure his fearless captain can do just what this picture says.

Spock’s been saving Kirk’s butt to make sure his fearless captain can do just what this picture says.

I have a feeling that Spock wouldn’t really make a great captain since he’ll probably overthink everything and Kirk is actually the better choice. But, besides that, Spock is definitely the much better character in the grand scheme of things. He’s stronger, faster and smarter than Kirk. Not only that, he made the supreme sacrifice that any sidekick could do: give his life so the hero can survive. Yeah, you could say that Kirk did that too in Star Trek: Into Darkness. But Spock did it first!

Also, I would be an idiot if I didn’t mention my favorite character in the Mass Effect series! Garrus Vakarian is probably one of the best characters ever created. Period! Not only is he a great sniper, he’s also an extremely loyal friend as well. He’s probably in pretty much every landing party I had in the entire series. He was that good!

I've got your six!

I’ve got your six!

I know Commander Shepard was the undisputed hero of the series (and rightfully so) and the other characters are great in their own right, I would have to say Garrus was the most memorable character in Mass Effect. I loved his dialog within the game! He can be dark when going after the person who killed his entire squad but he can also be delightfully witty when beating Shepard in a shooting competition. Oh, and he’s pretty smooth with the ladies and a fantastic dancer!

Finally, I like to mention Kazuma Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho. I actually first knew him as Alfred because of the Filipino dubbed version of the anime. It was renamed Ghost Fighter (I guess because Street Fighter was a thing and he fought ghost… maybe?) and it was actually got me initially interested in anime.

I was never a big cartoon fan and I wasn’t really that big of a fan of the show. But, I was at my friend’s house and she was watching it so I watched it with her. I actually found the red-headed tough guy funny and kinda cute since, even if he does act like a bully, he does show his soft side for kittens. He also has a deep infatuation with Yusuke’s (Eugene in the Philippines) sister but, even with all of his boldness, can’t really find the guts to talk to her. I found all of this to be really adorable. Oh, and I actually liked how he sounded when they dubbed him here!

Best weapon ever!

Best weapon ever!

Anyway, those are just some of the best supporting heroes I can think of. But, thinking about Yu Yu Hakusho, it kind of makes me wonder why I’m not too into anime anymore, especially since I was such a fanatic of it when I was younger. I guess I’ll talk about that next time!


Who are your favorite supporting characters? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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