Episode 22: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)


Last time, I put up a rather long post about my favorite video games. Well, when I was writing it, I noticed a lot of video game stories usually deal with the end of the world. Or show a dystopian future at the least. It got me thinking: why does a lot of stories nowadays have to deal with it?

Look at one of the most popular shows right now, The Walking Dead. What is it about? Well, the world has been overrun by zombies! Another show that’s gained a strong following is Revolution. This show doesn’t have any zombies but it shows a future where the world cannot manufacture electricity, leading to the downfall of governments around the world. Once again, end of the world! And I’m not even including movies such as World War Z or games like the Last of Us.

Why is that? What’s our fascination with the end of the world? Well, I can’t give an answer for the rest of you. But I can only answer why I love them!

First of all, I’m curious myself on what the world would look life if all of society crumbles… without actually being there. I know when everything goes to hell and all the rules of civility die, something else will have to sprout up to sort of bring “order” to a crazy world. But people may not agree if that “order” will be the basis of how society will function.

For example, in the latest Judge Dread movie, the population of an entire city can actually fit in one building. Although there are peacekeepers called Judges who patrol this world to bring law and order to the world (somewhat), the criminal element is so big in one city that even the tough Judges think twice about going in.

Umm, you know that the buildings behind you are on fire, right, Mr. Dredd, sir?

Umm, you know that the buildings behind you are on fire, right, Mr. Dredd, sir?

Also, whenever I do watch movies or television shows when the apocalypse happened, they always show how the things we take for granted become extremely valuable. We usually complain when our oatmeal isn’t hot, our drinking water isn’t cold and much more. But, if you survive the end of the world, supplies become extremely scarce. And when that happens, you just want to eat… well, anything!

In Warm Bodies, the world has been infested with zombies and humans have to live in cities surrounded by huge walls. But, since people do get sick, they have to send people out into the zombie infested wasteland to search for medical supplies.

Oh, and it's a love story between a zombie and a human girl. I loved it!

Oh, and it’s a love story between a zombie and a human girl. I loved it!

But the worse thing (and the most fascinating thing for me) is how people tend to band together to try to survive but, at the same time, will still try to take advantage of the situation. You would think that, when the chips are down, humankind will band together to climb back to the top, right? Well, it does happen in some stories. But a lot of the time, dystopian stories shows that the zombies and the smart monkeys are the least of our worries. It’s actually the other humans that are the real monsters!

The best example I can think of is The Land of The Dead. While people have banded together in safe cities, the population has been separated between the rich and poor. So, instead of trying to help each other, there are actually people who have taken the situation (the end of the world) and made it benefit themselves! How selfish!

This is actually my favorite zombie movie of all time!

This is actually my favorite zombie movie of all time!

I love to see this kind of horrible future since… well, I don’t want to experience it myself! There’s a lot of bad guys in stories like this. But, come to think of in, sometimes it’s the villains, not the heroes, that make the stories fun to watch. And I’ll talk about my favorite “bad guys” next time!

What’s your favorite post-apocalypic film/TV show/game? Please put them in the comments section below!

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