My Geek Bucket List

Everyone has things they want to do before they leave this world. We don’t want to have any regrets and, well, we want to feel like we achieved something in this lifetime. Hence, the bucket list was created. For those that don’t know what this is, a bucket list are the things you would want to do before you die.

Well, I have two versions of that list. The first list is the “basic” one. You know, the “buy my own house” and “go skydiving” sort of thing. This is the list I have dreams about and probably won’t change as I get older.

Number 8 on the list: Go watch The Bucket List

Number 8 on my bucket list: Go watch The Bucket List

My second bucket list is a little more for my geeky side. It’s my Geek Bucket List. Since I’m in the Philippines, this list seems much more difficult than the other one. Go figure. It’s a pretty long list so I’m not going to list everything but here are a few things on it:

1) Attend the San Diego Comic-Con and watch a panel

The San Diego Comic-Con is the mecca for pop culture now. It used to be a small event where comic book lovers can gather and look for rare books. But now, it’s much more than that! It’s now the premiere place for Hollywood to create buzz for their upcoming sci-fi flicks. This is also one of the greatest places to generate buzz for any upcoming shows… or just watch Kevin Smith talk about shit because he has nothing to promote.

Well, I want to attend one of those panels someday. Comic-Con is an extremely big event for nerds and geeks. And it’s definitely something I would want to go to once.

And look at cosplay… of course.

Jessica Nigri as Pikachu... 'nuff said.

Jessica Nigri as Pikachu… ’nuff said.

2) Go to and compete in EVO

Sure, I can stream the event through Twitch. But it’s much better to actually participate in the Superbowl of fighting game tournaments. I’m okay in Street Fighter but I’ll probably be blown up during my first time there. In fact, I know I’ll get slaughtered. It may sound like I’m a pessimist (and, yes, I am) but I would want the experience of going to a tournament with all the world watching.

Besides, competing at the event is only part of the fun. Watching all of the best fighting gamers live is an integral part of EVO. The real professionals do things with Street Fighter that I can’t even imagine of doing in an actual match.

3) Attend E3… as part of the press

E3 is probably the most important event of the gaming industry. This is when game developers and console manufacturers can hype their latest endeavors by letting the public use them. But E3 is usually closed to the public. I think you can actually pay a huge lump sum of money to get it but there’s no way I’ll be able to afford it. Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to do it?

E3, baby!

E3, baby!

Also, I know a lot of game companies give a lot of free stuff during E3. I want to get as much stuff as I can!

By the way, to all gaming news sites, I’m available!

4) Meet Miyamoto-san or Stan Lee

The father of Mario and Zelda is one of the pillars of the gaming world. One of the most creative people on the planet, Shigeru Miyamoto used his great imagination to envision expansive gaming worlds and, without him, video games would probably never be this big.

Miyamoto ready for battle

Miyamoto ready for battle

The father of practically the entire Marvel Universe is an icon of the comic book universe. Stan Lee created the modern superhero comic, giving them not only super powers, but gave them problems that we can easily identify with. Oh, and he seems to generally be a good guy!

Meeting one of them would make me a happy man. Meeting them both would blow my mind!

And, last but not the least,

5) Finally finish Record of Agarest War

No, really. It’s been around 3 years and I still haven’t finished this game. I’m already at the part where you have to face the gods that were trapped but even the normal monsters are kicking my ass! Still, I’ll beat this game even if it kills me!

Here's the title screen of the game.

Three years and counting!

Like I said before, this is just a small part of the list I have. There’s definitely more on it that I want to accomplish. Baby steps first.

What are on your Geek Bucket List? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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