Episode 14: What Will I Be Nostalgic About?

I talked about one of my favorite YouTube programs, The Angry Video Game Nerd, last week. I realized that, while I do have a fun time watching the profanity filled rants of the Nerd, I may be missing some of the humor. Most, if not all, of the games he reviews are older consoles. Actually, I think all of the games and consoles mentioned are older than me. I think that I would have a better time if I were nostalgic about them.

I've only seen this in pictures and videos. Never in real life.

I’ve only seen this in pictures and videos. Never in real life.

Here’s the thing, I’m not sure what nostalgia really feels like. I may remember a time when I would watch cartoons like Spongebob and laugh at his misadventures in Bikini Bottom or look at someone play the original Resident Evil and laughing at bad voice acting like Barry Burton calling someone the “master of unlocking.” But then again, that never gets old!

Maybe I’m still too young to really know what the feeling of nostalgia is. After all, I just turned 18 last month and still haven’t reached a point in my life where I try to reminisce of the good old days. Or maybe I’m living out my “good old days” right now so this is what I’ll think of when I become nostalgic for something.

I always hear nostalgia in the context about having fun in a certain place that’s been demolished or transformed into something else. Or maybe playing with a toy someone loved greatly as a kid. I can’t really imagine it now. All the places that I’ve gone to as a child, I can still visit and they all remained the same. Timezone (an arcade in Glorietta) is still there. The games may have changed but the actual place is still there. In the future, if it ever does vanish or get replaced by something else, that may be the place I’ll be nostalgic about.

I wonder if I have enough points to become a Gold Member?

I wonder if I have enough points to become a Gold Member?

Or maybe years from now, I’ll just think that I was just a jaded kid that didn’t care about much. I don’t know. Nostalgia seems like something that brings back good memories but makes you sad at the same time since you can’t relive those memories anymore no matter how hard you try.

I guess I’ll know what it’s about when I get older… Hopefully, I can relive those memories by looking at pictures on the Internet or watching old programs on YouTube. Speaking of which, I’ll be talking about YouTube next time!

Maybe you guys can help me about nostalgia. Please post the things you feel nostalgic about in the comments section below!