Episode 13: He’s The Angriest Gamer You’ve Ever Heard


Last time, I wrote about video game stories and how great they can be. Well, a great story cannot make up for the fact of playing a godawful game. These games usually get burned during review time but what about older games? That’s where the Angry Video Game Nerd comes in.



I came across him while looking for old Street Fighter game reviews. One of his videos popped up called Street Fighter 2010. I honestly thought it was some sort of fake game so I decided to take a look at it. Well, it was sort of a fake… since it originally didn’t have anything to do with the series but Capcom decided to make it about Street Fighter.

When I started watching it, I already knew that it didn’t have anything to do with what but the start was funny so I continued watching it anyway. After finishing the video (and laughing pretty hard), I looked for other videos he had.

Well, now I’m a fan of his videos. Which is kind of weird actually come to think of it. Unlike a lot of his fans, I have no nostalgic views regarding older games on older consoles. The oldest console that I really have a concrete memory would be the first Playstation, so I consider that my starting point in video games.

Look at that sexy gray box!

Look at that sexy gray box!

Even though I hold no nostalgic memories of gaming of old, I just laugh at the really sophomoric and profanity laced rants he spews out… because I can understand how he feels sometimes. I’ve seen really bad games. Games like X-Men vs. Street Fighter were awful on the Playstation since you couldn’t tag out (a pretty important part of the original game) and Pepsiman (Yes, there was a game called Pepsiman) was pretty stupid.

I’m actually glad The Angry Video Game Nerd is making a feature length film based on his character. I hope he doesn’t stop the disgustingly gross descriptions of the games and that he actually does a review of the game (ET on Atari) instead of just telling a story of his trip to get a cartridge.

But, sometimes, even though I enjoy the vids, I feel a little left out because I think nostalgia has a lot to do with the games (since he plays older games and older consoles). It makes me wonder what I’ll be nostalgic about in the future… which I’ll talk about next time!

Are you a fan of the Nerd? What’s your favorite episode? What’s your favorite game he’s “reviewed” on the show? Please leave them in the comments section.

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