Episode 12: Great Game. Great Story


Last week, I posted something regarding bad video game endings. It’s a good thing that this isn’t the case all the time. In fact, a lot of my favorite video games not only have excellent endings but great stories as well.

I guess the most recent one I should mention is the Uncharted series. The games always follow the hero, Nathan Drake in an epic quest to find some legendary treasure. One of the things that I loved about each of the games was the fact that all of the stories were extremely well written. The characters in the games (Nathan, Sully and Elena) and their interactions with each other are fun to watch.

In fact, if you string all of the cutscenes and important action parts, you can make a great movie!

Another game series that delivers a great story would be the games in Metal Gear Solid. While I would have to say that I sometimes do get lost in all of the “La-le-li-lu-lo” mumbo jumbo, the overall storyline of each installment is well written and there are some unexpected twists (Raiden, anyone?). Even though the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2 left me scratching my head since I didn’t understand any of it, I did love the story that was being told up to that point.

I know we're not supposed to like him but I actually did!

I know we’re not supposed to like this pretty boy but I actually did!

Of course I can’t forget the Final Fantasy games. Each of them have some overarching story which I love but, since the games are usually so long (and my brother would try to collect everything), I would forget some important plot points. Thank God for the Internet! I can easily get caught up with what happened!

Can't wait to see how this all ends.

Can’t wait to see how this all ends.

Fighting games are not known for epic stories but it doesn’t mean that they can’t have them! Even if the endings are just text and still pictures, the King of Fighters games actually have a pretty intriguing story. They tend to come in trilogies. My fave would have to be the first storyline which dealt with the Orochi. I never really saw the endings but, because of YouTube, I managed to follow the entire story. Street Fighter can learn quite a bit from how to craft an overarching story with some finality.

While a good story may pull you in, it wouldn’t matter if the gameplay isn’t fun. And there’s a special Nerd on the Internet that loves to make rants about bad video games. And I’ll talk about him… next time!

Are there any other games that have epic stories that I forgot? Please let me know in the comments section below!


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