All hail the (CD-R) King!

Let me tell you a story. A story pretty much like a fairy tale…

Once upon a time, there was a little kiosk. It was a very humble kiosk in the middle of a busy mall. While most of the stores were selling high-end and expensive items, this humble store only sold blank CDs and nothing more.

Now, I know my Yanni song collection is here somewhere...

Now, I know my Yanni song collection is here somewhere…

The store made a modest amount but it had dreams of becoming bigger… And bigger did it become!

This store expanded its modest inventory and started carrying other electronic items. It started to sell memory sticks, MP3 players and the like. And the people loved them because they were all sold at a modest price. Because of it’s hard work and enterprising spirit, the lowly kiosk has grown into the king of cheap electronics and appliances in the Philippines.

All hail CD-R King!

All hail CD-R King!

Honestly, I’m pretty much perplexed on the success of CD-R King. I couldn’t really find much of the company’s history online, but the story that I just told is pretty much what I remember regarding CD-R King’s rise to power. It’s pretty baffling, especially since, well, the products aren’t really known for their quality. But, since they’re sold at such low prices, you don’t really mind.

I do remember someone telling me about the store way, way back when I just started working. This was a time when having a 56k dialup modem at home was a good thing since you could connect to the internet with the blazing speed of 56 kbps! Anyone who remembers this sound will remember how lovely it was to hear the modem dial up and give that screeching bleeps before you can surf.

Ah, memories!

Anyway, even though 56 kbps was already fast for residential use, it was still better to do most of your downloading at work… which I didn’t do! I did however know some people in the IT department at the place that I work who did use the office Internet to download television programs from file sharing sites and I would give them CDs to burn them on.

Since I was going through a lot of CDs in a short amount of time, one of them suggested that I visit a store that sold spindles of CDs (which were around 20) and it would be much cheaper. I did find the store and that was essentially my first experience with making a purchase with CD-R King.

Even though the name stuck from it’s origins, CD-R King has become so much more than just selling CDs. While they’re mostly known for selling memory sticks and computer accessories, they have really expanded their inventory. Now, they also sell things like cheap cellphones, LED lightbulbs, video cameras and much more.

Heck, they even sell rice cookers now!

They even sell rice cookers now!

What’s next? Are they going to start selling electronic bicycles as well?

Oh, wait! They already are!

Oh, wait! They already are!

It may seem like I’m gushing over the company and its products. I’m really not. Like I said, the products are cheap and you do get what you pay for. CD-R King’s products are cost friendly but really do feel cheap when you handle them. Still, I do go to them pretty frequently just to see what other new things they’ve added to their stock. I also don’t want to knock their products too much since I also buy some stuff from them since, well, if you’re on a budget, this is the electronics store to go.

I honestly love the stores for being more than “just a place that sells CDs.” It’s become much more than that and I applaud the owners of the brand for thinking that they can do much more than the name of the store.

If you have any comments about your experience with CD-R King and its products or suggestions on other stores like CD-R King, please feel free to leave them in the section below!


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