Episode 8: Video Game Movies Suck!


Last time I talked about the strong female characters in Mass Effect and why the story of the game is better for it. Still, I have strong reservations about making Mass Effect or any video game into a movie. As any person who watched the live-action Street Fighter movies, the Tomb Raider films with Angelina Jolie and the Resident Evil series, I have good reasons to be cautious.

The only thing I remember from the movie is this picture. Literally.

The only thing I remember from the movie is this picture. Literally.

Here’s the thing that I noticed about these films: they don’t have any respect for the source material. These movies are just a quick cash-grab and the producers of these films just want to slap together a film without really understanding the things that made these games special. It’s not enough to have Chun-Li fight M. Bison. You have to have them fight like you would picture them in the game. Is it going to be realistic? No, but it’ll be extremely fun to watch.

Another thing that makes these movies bad is that the story usually doesn’t resemble the story of the game. You probably know about Chun-Li being a reporter in the first Street Fighter film, right? Well, when they made The Legend of Chun-Li, they made her a pianist. So, they had a second chance to make a decent Street Fighter movie but they actually tried to make it more devoid from Chun-Li’s Interpol story? How hard can it be to make her an Interpol agent?

What a stupid movie!

What a stupid movie!

At least I’m more hopeful now. I think comic book movies used to get this awful treatment before but with the recent Marvel movies and the new Batman movies, that can all change. Speaking of comics, is it even possible for someone like me to get into comics with the extremely long history the characters have? I’ll try to answer that next time!

If you have any “fond” memories of other video game movies, please write them in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “Episode 8: Video Game Movies Suck!

  1. I quite enjoyed the Tomb Raider films, silly as they were. Angelina Jolie’s Lara was quite different to the one seen in the games and the daddy issues in the first film were unnecessary but the films, on the whole, were good for a laugh. I never expected them to be 100% true to the games or Oscar-worthy so I guess I went in with rather low expectations. Despite their flaws, the TR films are a lot better than most other video game adaptations out there.

    The Prince of Persia film was also quite enjoyable, even if was a Disney-fied version of the game. It never took itself seriously and I think this is essential for making a video game film “work”. Having said that, I doubt Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros were trying to be serious, art flicks and yet those bombed spectacularly (though, to be fair, these are hilarious to watch….if only for the poor acting and plots).

    I believe an Assassin’s Creed film is in the works and this has the potential to be an excellent video game adaptation if they approach it correctly. The other video game series that would be awesome on the big screen is Uncharted. Granted, the games are heavily influenced by the Indiana Jones films and Tomb Raider but I reckon they’d be great summer blockbusters. ^_^

    • Hiya!

      Yeah. I do sort of have to agree the Tomb Raider films were fun to watch. But I don’t remember anything about the plot in both films. Maybe I may have to rephrase it to say that they weren’t just memorable.

      What actually inspired me to write the post was the sad state of the Street Fighter films. They had two tries and they totally flubbed both tries!

      I never watched the Prince of Persia films though. Then again, I never played to watched anyone play them either. Maybe I do have to give them (the movie and the games) a look see.

      By the way, saw your blog and I couldn’t believe that there was actually a Yamatai? Wow!


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