I’ll Review Anything: Ragnarok Online (Philippines)


So, I’ve decided to post my first review on a game. It’s a MMORPG that was incredibly huge around a decade ago but has somewhat died down in popularity as more and more online games became prevalent. That game is Ragnarok Online.

Awww! :)

Awww! 🙂

Even though this game was released way, way back in around the first part of the 2000, I’ve never played Ragnarok Online before. In fact, I never even played an MMORPG in my life! Well, that isn’t true if you consider Playstation Home, which I don’t since you can’t really die there but that’s besides the point.

I have to say my experience playing Ragnarok Online was not really a bad experience. I think a lot of my problems with it has to do with the way Filipinos play it.

Let me get the bad points out of the way first. Since I’ve never really played this game before (and there’s no manual available), starting up is pretty scary. They bring you immediately to the stats screen without really telling you what they mean! I know what STR, VIT and INT will do (they stand for Strength, Vitality and Intelligence. I’m not THAT dumb!). But AGI, DEX and LUK? I had to look it up!

Say what?

Say what?

In fact, I had to look up a lot of things through the different websites about the game. It didn’t help that the English is incredibly bad! And this is just the initial part of the game!

Will I get trainging to better to get English on the future, too?

Will I get trainging to better to get English on the future, too?

Another thing is the economy is really busted! Whenever I would come across other players selling stuff, they seem to have outrageous prices (and not in the good way)! Take a look at the screenshot below.

Look at the prices!

Look at the prices!

9,999 Z for Green Live? I managed to get around 20 during my first week of playing! And 2,999 Z for a Grasshopper’s Leg? You can just go to one particular area, kill the monsters there and probably get 100 of them… for free! Not sure why these things cost so much, but I think it’s because of the way the Philippines plays the game.

I found out that playing the game is a very lonely experience even if there are a lot of people in the game with you. I would try chatting with the people that I see around the game but they would just ignore me. It seems weird for me that this would be the case, especially since the second “M” in MMORPG means “multiplayer.” I honestly think this is again part of the Filipino way of playing Ragnarok Online. But I wish people would talk more!

You can practically hear crickets chirping in the silence.

You can practically hear crickets chirping in the silence.

I do have to emphasize that not everyone is like this. I’ve met really nice people. The sad thing is I can count them using the fingers in one hand (and I’m not including my thumb)! The very first person I met actually gave me something like a +6 Stiletto and 2,000,000 Zenny. I honestly wish I could remember that guy’s name so I can thank him again.

I do like the graphics. Even thought it is a 15 year old game, the drawings are cute and do make it seem like a lighthearted game… even though you are just running around killing everything in sight.



Finally, for me, the best part of my experience playing Ragnarok Online was the fact that I could level up pretty quickly. In about 3 weeks of playing, I managed to get a base level of 74 and advance my job class to the second level! And I didn’t have to play for hours on end! Just around 3 hours every day for those 3 weeks. Thank God for summer!

That was fast!

That was fast!

Now, the question is will I continue to play Ragnarok Online in the future? Maybe. I’m thinking of making a new character with the moves of Captain America (since I saw someone throw his shield like Cap). So, who knows?

It’s not a bad game and it is a decent time killer. I just wish people would talk more when chatted to as this is supposed to be a social game as well.

By the way, I’m on the New Iris server.

If you have any comments or would like to share your Ragnarok Online experience, feel free to leave them below.


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