Ready to welcome Bluths back? Arrested Development will be shown (but I won’t be able to watch it)

Arrested Development was one of those shows that I watched on cable since it wasn’t shown on local TV. It was also a pretty lonely experience since I was the only one I knew that watched it. Most of my friends didn’t watch it since the humor was, let’s face it, pretty out there. So, I really didn’t have anyone to talk about the show.

When the series ended, I was kind of sad… but I was glad to see the series close in a satisfying manner.

Or so I thought.

Looks like Netflix is bringing back the show for a whole new season…

Now, I’m sad again since there’s no way I can be able to watch the show since it’s on Netflix (which we don’t have in the Philippines)!

Well, I can’t watch it through legal means, anyway…

Season 4 of Arrested Development will be available on Netflix starting May 26.

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