Episode 6: Why FemSheps Rule


Last time, I talked about the male characters of Mass Effect and how boring I found them. But I wasn’t able to explain why the female Shepard is more interesting vs. the male version, which is what I’m going to do now. The male and female Shepard will actually have the same general backstory and perform the relatively same actions. But this is one of the reasons why the female is much more fun!

Wait. That's not me. That's my Shepard in Mass Effect!

Sorry. I really just love the look of my FemShep.

There are going to be some SPOILERS again so, you’ve been warned!

For one thing, it’s much more empowering to see a female Shepard take on and earn the respect of other alien races. Krogans (think humaniod dinosaur-turtle thing) are huge creatures that love to headbutt their own kind to show dominance. If a male Shepard does the headbutting, it may seem cool but it’s definitely not as awesome when you see a female Shepard ram his head against a krogan! Punching out and going toe-to-toe against a violent yahg is just so much cooler when it’s FemShep doing the punching.

Not only that, since the main character becomes the very first human Spectre (special ops in the Mass Effect universe), making Shepard a female makes the promotion seem all the more powerful because, from what I’ve seen, most of the Spectres are alien males. So, a female Spectre is rare in itself… and you happen to be the first human Spectre makes it extra special.

Even the romance options are more… exciting. Most of the romance options for the male Shepard, with the exception of the asari Liara and the quarian Tali (who I both positively love!), are going to be human females. What does the female Shepard get? A whole alien menagerie! Besides boring ol’ Kaidan (who’s dead since I selected him to die) and Jacob (who won’t return your love in the third installment), you’ve got the turian sniper Garrus and the drell assassin Thane.

Since I know the target for the games are mostly males, the female Shepard can also get some loving from Liara, as well as from other females, such as Yeoman Kelly Chambers from Mass Effect 2 and Communications Officer Samantha Traynor from Mass Effect 3. In fact, by the 3rd game, it appears there are more female options than males for my female Shepard.

FemSheps have a 55.56% chance of being a lesbian according to this.

FemSheps have a 55.56% chance of being a lesbian according to this.

On a side note, we (my brother and I) stayed loyal to Liara throughout the entire series. We professed our love to each other way back in Mass Effect 1 and are trying to stay together throughout the Reaper invasion in Mass Effect 3. Like I said, I love Liara and the other female selectable characters in the game. If I had the chance though, I may have tried to cheat on my Liara if I could have romanced either Miranda or Jack in Mass Effect 2.

Oh, it’s not because I fly that way. This was the scene that clinched made me… well, kinda hot and bothered in a sense. Is that weird?

Unlike the human male characters, I love the female human characters that I’ve encountered during the Mass Effect trilogy. I’ll explain my “love” for them to close out my trilogy of posts next week!

Have anything you’d like to add regarding making a female Shepard in Mass Effect? Please add them to the comments section!


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