I’ll Review Anything: Star Trek Into Darkness

First off, I’ll be writing this review with very little spoilers as possible as this movie hasn’t been released in a lot of areas yet. However, I may have some reactions that may hint at some story points so, in all honestly, please don’t continue reading unless you’re okay with possible spoilers.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I actually started by watching The Next Generation but I managed to watch most of the Original Series when they played it late at night on a local channel. So, I have more than a passing familiarity of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the crew of the original Enterprise.

These are the manliest men in the galaxy apparently.

“Three to beam down!”

Being a fan, I was wondering how I can be excited for the reboot of the series when the last Star Trek film was released in 2009. Suffice to say, JJ Abrams did a great job by totally changing the universe on its head, making sure that all the succeeding stories will be unpredictable. So, now, we have the follow sequel to the 2009 film, Star Trek Into Darkness.

Sadly, if there’s one word I would describe this movie, it would be this: okay.

I’m not saying that Star Trek Into Darkness is a bad movie. Far from it! There were a lot of things that worked. For one thing, the action scenes are thrilling. I wish I could give specifics on them but all of them are a blast to watch.

Benedict Cumberbatch does a phenomenal job in this movie. If you’ve seen the trailers (one of which is conveniently available above), you can see the intensity in how he acts and he’s pretty much the same way throughout the film. He pretty much commands all of the scenes he’s in.

He also plays the crap out of Sherlock Holmes!

He also plays the crap out of Sherlock Holmes!

Zachary Quinto’s protrayal of Mr. Spock is pretty great as well. It may seem kind of odd for me to say that since Spock doesn’t really display much emotions… ever. But I do think it also very difficult to portray someone who gives off a “matter-of-fact” air without coming off as a superior douche. But Zachary Quinto manages to pull it off.

For me, the weird thing about Spock aren't the ears... it's the haircut.

For me, the weird thing about Spock aren’t the ears… it’s the haircut.

However, the story is pretty predictable. One of the main problems (for me anyway) was because I’m extremely familiar with Star Trek lore. Even though the 2009 reboot changed what has yet to happen, fans of the franchise will get an inkling of how the story is going to proceed. I sort of envy newcomers who aren’t acquainted to the old history since every thing will be fresh and unpredictable for them. But, at the same time, the newbies won’t understand several fanservice jokes thrown in.

Also, the entire story is a bit underwhelming as a whole. Besides Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty, all of the other characters were inconsequential. They had minor contributions but didn’t really help push the story along. Finally, the stakes don’t feel big enough and there isn’t a real climactic battle at the end, which was a major letdown for me.

Overall, Star Trek Into Darkness is a good popcorn flick. It’s a fun movie but it’s hard to shake the feeling that it could have been much better. If you enjoyed the reboot, this is a must watch. If you’re not a fan of Star Trek, this isn’t the movie that will change your mind.

Why is Sherlock stepping through a giant Starfleet insignia?

Why is Sherlock stepping through a giant Starfleet insignia?

If you enjoyed the movie and you would like to rebuff my review or you have some other comments to add, please leave them below.

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