Episode 500: Five Entrance Theme Songs the WWE Just Recycled


Longer lived wrestling fans have lamented how the WWE’s entrance music has decreased in quality. It does seem like the music the WWE Superstars of today come to the ring with some rather generic sounding rock music. Sure, there are the rare gems like AJ Styles’ “Phenomenal”, Shinsuke Nakamura’s “Rising Sun”, Finn Balor’s “Catch Your Breath” and Sasha Banks’ “Sky’s the Limit”. These are few and far between, however. It does feel like the WWE just lost its touch when it came to making unique entrance theme songs. Sometimes, they just seem to blend together.

However, there are also times when the WWE composes a theme song for a specific wrestler and things don’t work out. So, what do they do with these old entrance themes? Most of the time, they’re attached to the wrestler for time immemorial. Other times, they just stick the same theme song to a brand new wrestler! Who’s gonna know? Wrestling fans such as myself, for one. Let’s go check out a few instances when the WWE just slapped on an old theme song to somebody else!

#1 “Somebody Call My Momma!”

I didn’t really know what to think of Brodus Clay when he made his main roster debut all those years ago. I remember watching him on NXT and he was supposed to be this dangerous monster with surprising agility. So, when he came out to the ultra-funky “Somebody Call My Momma!”, I didn’t know what to think. I did eventually warmed up to it because it was charming and dumb wrestling at its finest.

Still, the theme song was radically different from the other entrance themes of the time. That’s because it was! Before Brodus Clay gyrated into the ring with that song, it was Ernest “The Cat” Miller who was doing the shimmying into the ring to “Somebody Call My Momma!”

What makes this even more strange is how “Somebody Call My Momma!” was recycled once again when Brodus Clay left the WWE. The song was then used by Naomi, who was one of Clay’s Funkadactyl dancers, for a while before she got her own proper theme song much later on.

#2 “Medal”

Generally, if a crowd of hundreds tell you “You suck” in unison, you would think that would get under your skin. In Kurt Angle’s case, it became a term of endearment. That’s because each and every time Kurt Angle would enter a WWE ring, the live crowd would tell him he sucks to the rhythm of his theme song, Medal.

Now, I have to wonder how The Patriot, the original wrestler who had “Medal” as his entrance music would’ve handled it? The Patriot, real name Del Wilkes, was essentially an American who loves America. He actually had a short feud with Bret “The Hitman” Hart and even challenged for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. So it’s not like he wasn’t known.

It does seem fitting for Kurt Angle to inherit The Patriot’s theme song as they do share a somewhat similar gimmick. The Patriot loved America a lot and the WWE really sold how Kurt Angle won a gold medal at the Olympics with a broken neck. Still, listening to the song while The Patriot enters does feel weird now as no one is chanting “You suck” to him at the appropriate time.

#3 “Not Enough for Me”

I never really felt like “Not Enough for Me” suited Michelle McCool. I did get used to it but it just never sat right for me.That’s mostly because it didn’t seem to fit her character entirely. She came off as the one who was either stuck up or strong and never all that sultry and seductive, which is what I get from the song.

It was only years later when I realized why this is. “Not Enough for Me” wasn’t written exclusively for Michelle McCool. Rather, it started out as Torrie Wilson’s theme song during her early days in the WWE. Well, that made a whole lot more sense to me as she did come off as the girl who would play with someone’s feelings.

I don’t really know why they stopped using “Not Enough for Me” during Torrie Wilson’s entrance as they eventually changed it to something a little more generic, in my opinion. Well, what was Torrie Wilson’s loss became Michelle McCool’s gain, I guess.

#4 “Instatiable”

This is going to be a weird story because it’s all connected. After the breakup of LayCool, it was obvious Layla couldn’t keep on using “Not Enough for Me” as that song was earmarked for Michelle McCool. So, the WWE gave her “Insatiable,” which, like the previous entry, didn’t suit Layla. It stuck around for a while before she eventually became Fandango’s dance partner.

What makes this strange is “Insatiable” was originally the entrance music for Tiffany, the former ECW General Manager who became a wrestler when the promotion folded a second time. This isn’t weird in itself but Layla, while she was a part of LayCool did have a feud with Tiffany once upon a time!

I actually feel kind of sad for “Insatiable” as, if it was connected to the right wrestler, it could have been more memorable than it is. It’s been pretty much forgotten in the annals of time now. Also, I do think the WWE wasted Tiffany as she did become Taryn Terrell, a future TNA Knockouts champion.

#5 “Real American”

I was initially going to make a joke regarding “Real American” as we all know it’s Hulk Hogan’s theme song. It’s been his entrance song for the longest time and then there was a storyline where he was forced to retire. After he supposedly left the WWE, a new masked wrestler calling himself Mr. America (who looked and sounded suspiciously like Hulk Hogan) started coming to the ring with “Real American” as his theme song.

However, after doing some research, it turns out “Real American” wasn’t originally for Hulk Hogan. The song was written for a more American themed tag team known as the US Express, consisting of Mike Rotunda, who would later be known as Irwin R. Shyster, and Barry Windham, who became a part of Ric Flair’s Four Horsemen. I couldn’t believe it but I found footage of “Real American” being used for the US Express!

It turns out the US Express weren’t long for the company. Although the team did win the WWE Tag Team Championships a couple of times, the US Express disbanded when Barry Windham left for WWE. It was at this point when “Real American” was given to Hulk Hogan because I guess they got tired of paying royalties to use “Eye of the Tiger” every time The Hulkster walked to the ring.


What other WWE wrestlers can you think of used recycled entrance music? Let me know in the comments section below!


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