Episode 356: Five Tips No One Talks About for Resident Evil 3 Remake


I don’t think I will ever get an S-rank in Resident Evil 3 Remake. I may have played the game several times and know the map layouts as well as when and where Nemesis will pop up. I just love exploring each and every bit of Racoon City and gathering each and every item that isn’t nailed down until the entire map is blue. I did this all without using a walkthrough. I did get some help finding all of the Charlie bobblehead dolls, though. Some of those little buggers are hard to find!

I guess that’s the reason why I don’t just speedrun through the game. I just have this urge to collect every single item, even though I know I won’t need them! It’s just something in me that stops me from not picking up that canister of gunpowder, even though I have like 15 of them in my storage box!

However, since I have played through Resident Evil 3 Remake’s campaign multiple times without a walkthrough, I had to discover some strategies to get through all the areas with minimal damage while maximixing my kill count. I just gotta get that Infinite Rocket Launcher!

So, without further ado, here are 5 of those tips and tricks I’ve developed that might help you get through Racoon City! Oh, since I’ll be talking about some specific stuff from the game, SPOILERS!

#1 Maximize your Field of View

I already wrote a piece on how I wish Capcom gave players the option to play in first person view. There isn’t any word that my suggestion is being worked on. One of the reasons I wanted this was because it would limit the player’s field of view in order to heighten the fear levels. Ironically, this tip is to help you see more of what’s in front of Jill Valentine or Carlos Oliveira.

You can increase how much you can see by a little bit by going to the Options, then Camera and then select Field of View. Slide that sucker all the way to the right to maximize that window, which should give either Jill or Carlos some additional room to see more stuff.

The increase is very minimal at first glance but, since Resident Evil 3 Remake has a lot more wide open spaces and less cramped corridors, this slight increase does make it much easier to see possible attackers to the left and the right. It also makes it easier to see incoming enemies in the front.

This was actually something I learned from playing Resident Evil 2 Remake a year ago but I don’t really see anyone talking about this so I decided to include it here.

#2 Killing “decorative” zombies still count

Resident Evil 3 Remake’s main gimmick for replayability leans toward the new Shop where you earn points by completing challenges like getting to a certain kill count with a specific weapon. Some of the items are enticing. The one I have my eye on is the Infinite Rocket Launcher. It’s super expensive though, so you really have to earn a ton of points to be able to buy it.

Most of the “easy” challenges, like collecting all the files or destroying all the Mr. Charlie bobbleheads, don’t net you a lot of points. The ones where you can really rack them up usually involves doing a lot of killing! However, killing zombies can be tough, especially with their heads swaying each and everywhere and, of course, them trying take a bite out of your neck! Now, what if I told you you can just kill the zombies that won’t attack you? Well, you can by shooting the “decorative” zombies!

Littered throughout Racoon City are the zombies that have been cordoned off by barriers. They can’t really break through them and they usually keep to themselves, making them sitting ducks! Still, if you kill then, they do add up to your kill count! Best of all, they only take one bullet to the head to down them!

#3 Zombies can’t “see” you in some rooms

I can’t help but think the zombies in Resident Evil 2 Remake are much more persistent than the ones found here. I used this to my advantage as one of my strategies in the previous game was to herd them all in the East Office of the Racoon City Police Department after I was done clearing it of all stuff.

It’s still kind of possible to do this here but there are a lot of rooms that zombies will not venture into, even though there is some fresh meat (your character) just beyond those doors. However, they’re also very dumb because, even though you have the doors wide open, the zombies won’t notice you as long as you don’t step into the same room they’re in. You can use this to your advantage by blasting them from a distance and they won’t do a thing to stop you!

A prime example of this is shown in the video above. When you take control of Carlos in the Spencer Memorial Hospital, you can pop the zombies that are all in the Emergency Entrance while staying safe in the hallway of the Lab Reception. Simply open the doors and shoot at their heads. They literally won’t know what hit them because they don’t even move while getting their brains blasted with bullets from the other room!

#4 Save some explosive barrels for Nemesis (if you can’t spare grenades)

For some strange reason, Capcom decided to make grenades a God Killer in Resident Evil 3 Remake. To take down anything, even a Nemesis that’s hunting you down, all you have to do is chuck a grenade in its general direction and its down for the count! This is super helpful when you need to get all the items that Nemesis drops. However, let’s say you don’t want to use a grenade or you’ve used them up for some reason. Is there another way to take down the brute with relative ease?

Well, there is but it takes some forward thinking as a single exploding barrel has the same force as your grenades.

I would assume you’ve shot up the explosive barrels after you’ve gathered some zombies to surround it then blow it up to get them out of your way. However, if you’re nimble footed enough to dodge them, you can actually save them barrels for Nemesis later. I guess it’s much better to use up a grenade but it’s also really fun to luge the lumbering galoot next to one of those giant red cans and blow him sky high!

#5 Leave supplies for Jill in the hospital

I never ran out of either ammo or healing items throughout my 2 playthroughs. In fact, I had a huge surplus of items by the time I took control of Carlos Oliviera as he searched the Spencer Memorial Hospital for a vaccine to save Jill Valentine. I couldn’t help but think that some of those handgun bullets, red and green herbs and gunpowders would’ve been better if Jill had them since I knew I wouldn’t be using Carlos anymore afterwards. I mean, they were there so of course I picked them up!

It turns out, if you don’t pick some stuff up as Carlos, those items will remain there once Jill is back in action! There are some items which don’t show up, such as the Assault Rifle Ammo or the Carlos-specific equipment. Everything else, however, will stay there. So, if you are running low on supplies with Jill and you have a surplus with Carlos, you can leave them there for later.

BONUS: You can spam Carlos shoulder tackle… sometimes

Carlos’ counter move works radically different from Jill’s as it pack a more offensive punch… literally. Even if the punch is rather awesome, the normal counter, the shoulder tackle, is still pretty useful.

You can generally spam the move and it’ll do something, which is nice. You can shoulder tackle zombies to stop them from getting up. You can even mow through a couple of them with just the shoulder tackle to get enough room to move and get some distance.

You can’t do it all willy-nilly, though. If you miss with the shoulder tackle, Carlos can’t do the move again, leaving his vulnerable to anything. Against the Hunter Betas, missing usually means the creature lunging at you with an instant kill move.


Do you have any tips and tricks you’ve learned while playing Resident Evil 3 Remake? Let me know what they are in the comments below!

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