Episode 355: Capcom Should Have Included a First-Person POV Mode in Resident Evil 3 Remake


Well, I’ve finished Resident Evil 3 Remake. Twice. I played it first on Standard and then Hardcore mode. I will give an in-depth review for the story campaign tomorrow as I’ve only briefly touched on the Resident Evil: Resistance multiplayer add-on. I guess it’s not a spoiler to say that the game comes off as shorter than expected since that’s what most contemporary reviews have been saying about Capcom’s latest survival-horror remake. It took me roughly 6-7 hours to finish on my first playthrough and maybe 4-5 hours on my second Hardcore run.

My second playthough was not very exciting, despite upping the difficulty setting. I knew when and where Nemesis was going to smash through the wall. I could feel when certain creatures were going to pop out of nowhere because I instinctively could recall them from my first game. Resident Evil 3 Remake doesn’t have the luxury of having 2 main characters with different scenarios like Resident Evil 2 Remake did so Capcom needed to do something a little bit different or give players other options to keep the gameplay fresh.

This is why I suggest that Capcom should make a FREE (note that the word “free” is in all caps and italicized to emphasize it) DLC for Resident Evil 3 Remake that will allow players to go through the entire game in first person view.

Okay, I do have to bust out the SPOILER warning right now because, although very minor, I do have to discuss a few scenes in Resident Evil 3 Remake which led me to this conclusion. So, SPOILERS ahead!

You actually get a really small taste of getting the first-person viewpoint at the very start of the game. During the opening moments of the game, you get to control of Jill Valentine in her (very messy) apartment but you don’t really see her. That’s because you’re controlling her in a first-person viewpoint.

It’s a very cute wink and nod to another game in the series and which so happens to actually be the latest one chronologically, Resident Evil 7. Honestly, I think that game is very underrated and doesn’t get enough credit. I understand there are a lot of fans who were opposed to the change in viewpoint because it was a big change from the previous games wherein you can see the character you were controlling.

From my perspective, it was a smart change. By that time, the Resident Evil series hit a lot point and Capcom, while making decent bank with Resident Evil 6, decided to put the series into hibernation. They did put out Resident Evil Revelations 2 but that was more like a side story rather than a main installment. Resident Evil 7 brought back the series to its roots. It focused more on horror than action which, to me anyway, was the primary reason why the franchise became popular in the first place. Sure, it was fun blasting zombies in their faces to get them to explode like a pinata but most of the fun came from trying to survive with limited resources and picking when to fight or run.

The change to a first-person viewpoint also heightened the fear factor of Resident Evil 7. You weren’t controlling another person; you were controlling yourself. You were the one who drove to the Baker residence. You were the one Mia attacked when something took over her. You were the one who was force-fed God knows what by the patriarch of the Baker family. You felt all that thanks to the first person viewpoint. You were up close and personal to the horrors because it was happening right in front of your face.

Now imagine playing the entire Resident Evil 3 Remake in that way? I’m not saying the game should have been using the first person viewpoint all throughout but what I am saying is that it would’ve been a nice option to be able to do so. Capcom even demonstrated it was possible with the opening sequence because you do play as Jill in first person for a short while. I guess it may make combat much easier since you don’t have Jill blocking your view but, since the first person point of view would also limit your field of vision, everything balances out. Besides, isn’t part of what made the early Resident Evil games scary was because of what you couldn’t see?

There are so many scenes that would become loads more frightening in Resident Evil 3 Remake if it were played in first person! Imagine having to run away from Nemesis and seeing him right in your face as he tries to chase Jill down. Imagine that scene where those bugs slide the maggots down Jill’s throat and you actually see the insect’s proboscis pulsating up close and personal. Well, maybe that last one wouldn’t be a pleasant but it definitely would be a sight to see, huh?

It does seem like an easy thing to implement as well. I already mentioned you do get to control Jill in the first person control format at the very start of the game before it transitions to third person. However, I have also seen a lot of mods for the PC version of the game that enables people to play through the game in its entirety using the first person point of view! The game hasn’t been out for a week and there are already some modders cracking into the game and trying things like this out! If a modder can do this in a day or two, I’m pretty sure Capcom could do it quicker.

Now, you don’t need this to be an option right at the start. After you do finish the story, you open up the in-game store. It’s supposed to be a way to help with its replayability and you can purchase things like Jill Valentine’s Resident Evil 1 costume as well as extra abilities, items and even infinite weapons. I was frankly amazed there weren’t more costumes, like maybe a Claire Redfield outfit from Resident Evil 2 Remake, but I’m pretty sure Capcom have some things that you’ll have to buy online in the future. However, I wouldn’t like the option to play the game over again in first person something you have to buy with real money. Like I said, there are already modders who’ve done this. Making this something you’d have to buy with actual cash would be insulting.

Will Capcom actually do this? Honestly, there actually is a good chance they might. If there’s a good number of gamers clamoring for this feature or if they see players having a ton of fun with the first person mod on the PC version of Resident Evil 3 Remake, they’ll get someone to work on it and implement it. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. As much as I would love that, they’re probably already hard at work on the DLC that’ll make them money, like a Chun-Li costume for Jill Valentine.


Do you think Resident Evil 3 Remake would work in first person mode? Let me know in the comments section below!

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