Episode 357: Five Inconsequential Questions about Resident Evil 3 Remake


I think I’ve played all I can from Resident Evil 3 Remake. Well, almost. I’ve already finish the game on Nightmare and it was a bitch to beat, even with the Infinite Rocket Launcher. The final form of Nemesis can almost instantly kill you with his triple pound move and I had to go online to figure out how to avoid it because I couldn’t dodge the attack, even if I did have the special items which increases the Perfect Dodge window! Thankfully, there are so many videos detailing on to beat Nemesis here.

Even so, it took me a while (and a pile of continues) to finish Resident Evil 3 Remake on the Nightmare difficulty. I don’t feel the need to beat it on Inferno anymore!

The strangest thing did happen to me while I repeatedly played the Story campaign. Rather, I guess it’s a personal quirk of mine. I already knew the story by heart but I still refused to skip the cutscenes! Because of this, I know Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira’s journey through the zombie infested streets of Racoon City by heart! Through all of that, a few questions did start popping into my head. These aren’t really all that important. In fact, they’re rather inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. They are still questions I need to ask Capcom, though.

So, without further ado, here are five inconsequential questions I have about Resident Evil 3 Remake’s story. Oh, SPOILERS ahead since I’ll be talking a bunch about the plot!

#1 Who was Nikolai working for?

The instant I saw Nikolai kill his teammate in front of Jill, I knew he was going to be a bad guy. What I didn’t know how bad he was going to be! Although he’s part of Carlos’ UBCS squad, he’s actually working for another group that wants to take Umbrella down as well as gather combat data on the new Nemesis monster.

The final scene has Jill shooting Nikolai. The mercenary tries to make a deal with Jill and Carlos, with the promise he’ll reveal who his employer is if they take him with him. Jill refuses and Nikolai (allegedly) dies when Racoon City is obliterated by a missile.

The question still remains: who is Nikolai working for? I know that the later entries in the Resident Evil franchise shows it isn’t just Umbrella that wants to use biological weapons so it’s possible like the Los Illuminados from Resident Evil 4, Tricell from Resident Evil 5, (ugh) The Family from Resident Evil 6 and HCF, which was mentioned in Resident Evil 7. He could even be working for some new group the series hasn’t mentioned yet.

Now, I’m not sure if the other games mentioned canonically who Nikolai’s employer was but I would really want Capcom to clear it up in the future! Don’t leave this thread dangling, please!

#2 What happened to Carlos?

Capcom has a habit of forgetting about their secondary characters in the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 0 had Billy Coen. Resident Evil 5 had Sheva Alomar. Resident Evil 6 has, well, a whole bunch of of them! This is the same fate facing Carlos Oliveira. The sad thing is, since Capcom made Resident Evil 3 twice, he’ll be forgotten twice!

In Resident Evil 3, especially in the Remake, Capcom gave Carlos a big chunk of screentime. He was also given a more cool and, well, more masculine personality in the Remake, which is highly appreciated. So it is rather disheartening to find out that Capcom never really expounded on the character, even in newer installments of the series.

I really want to know what happened to Carlos. Is he still in contact with Jill? Is he still a mercenary but only taking contracts against biohazard zombie creatures? Until we know, I guess we’re all living in a cold, cruel Carlos-less world.

#3 How the heck did they get to Spencer Hospital without getting attacked?

One of the biggest complaints I had when I reviewed Resident Evil 3 Remake was how the game teleports Jill and Carlos to a new location via “magical cutscene.” You don’t get to actually control Carlos as he and Tyrell navigate Racoon City’s plagued zombie city streets to get to the Racoon City Police Station. However, the one that really irked me the most was how Carlos managed to find Jill and take her to Spencer Hospital via “magical cutscene.”

I can kind of forgive the journey to RCPD. After all, Carlos was with Tyrell so the two could take on zombies on the way there. I can even sort of forgive how Carlos managed to locate Jill in a huge sprawling city in half a day because maybe, just maybe, he tracked her radio signal or something like that.

The thing that really bothers me about Carlos taking Jill to the hospital is that he had to carry her on his back! This means he didn’t have access to his weapons during their trek! How the heck is this possible? The path shouldn’t be clear since Tyrell got attacked when he arrived at the Hospital! Also, the zombie horde even floods to the Hospital later in the game and Carlos has to defend it! So how was he able to go there with Jill on his back and without access to his weapons without a scratch? Explain that, Capcom!

#4 How does Nemesis track down STARS members?

I’m sorry but I’m not as scared of Nemesis as I was of Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Nemesis only pops up when the story tells him to, decreasing the fear factor. He does a fair job of stalking Jill around Racoon City. I mean, he has one job to do and at least he’s doing that right, kinda.

However, what’s strange is how Nemesis even knows where Jill is in the city. I can understand him busting into her apartment because Umbrella sent him there and he might know what she looks like. That doesn’t explain how the creature is efficient at it. How does Nemesis know Jill was at the power plant? How does he know she’s about to climb out of that specific ladder from the sewer? How does he know to squirm his tentacle into that vent as she synthesizes the vaccine from the underground Umbrella lab?

This is never explained in the game. Brad just says that Nemesis is looking for STARS members. That’s it. On a side note, with Brad now a zombie, does that mean Nemesis isn’t looking for him anymore? I mean, if his job is to eliminate STARS members, does being undead count?

#5 Where does Nemesis get his weapons?

The one thing Nemesis does have over Mr. X is he’s harder to get rid of. In his regular form, Nemesis has a long range tentacle grab, a super hook punch, an two-handed axhandle strike and a big stomp. He can also run much faster and jump long distances, making him difficult to outrun.

The icing on the cake is Nemesis’ ability to handle weapons early on. Well, at least two of them. He was apparently given a couple of specific weapons: a flamethrower and a rocket launcher. Cool.

However, this does lead me to ask, where does he get them? I don’t think it’s on his person underneath his clothing. Okay, he does have stuff like an extended magazine and a barrel moderator for a handgun, some shotgun shells and flame grenade rounds. Funny, I don’t see him use any of these weapons, which makes it odd as to why he’s carrying all that junk.

Still, where does he get the flamethrower and the rocket launcher? I guess he could’ve acquired the flamethrower from a helicopter drop while Jill was exploring the sewers? I just can’t figure out where he got his rocket launcher since he starts using it after he’s defeated with his flamethrower. Also, why does he decide to start using weapons in the first place? Did he forget he’s supposed to be an unstoppable monster or was he too ashamed that he couldn’t crush a little girl like Jill?

BONUS: Barry? Where’s Barry?

In the original ending of Resident Evil 3, Jill and Carlos were rescued by none other than Barry Burton.

Why didn’t Capcom leave this little Easter Egg in the Remake?


Do you have any questions after playing Resident Evil 3 Remake? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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