Burger Month: Fatburger’s Fatburger with American Cheese and Fat Fries

As this is the last week of Burger Month, there was no way I was going to slack off. It certainly seemed like I was since I wasn’t going to those dedicated burger stands because of the tropical summer heat. But I felt that, as this is the last entry for Burger Month for 2017, it had to be something special. So I decided to brave the terrible and overbearing heat of the Philippines to find the last great hamburger stand. And, well, I guess I found it. Well, that is Fatburger’s tagline, anyway.

There’s only one Fatburger in the Philippines right now and it’s in one of the most popular malls in the country, Glorietta. However, it is kind of hard to find as it isn’t actually located inside the mall premises. You will have to exit the airconditioned confines of Gloretta to actually find Fatburger. It’s been there for quite a while but if you haven’t noticed it before, I wouldn’t blame you. It can be hard to miss… but you have no excuse not to go there now. Well, maybe that stupid blazing ball of light in the sky that’s baking the country may be a good reason…

Aargh! The sun! *Hissss*

I was really excited to eat at Fatburger because this was kind of a homecoming for me. After going to non-burger shacks for the past couple of weeks, it felt kind of refreshing yet familiar to get back to eating at a place that actually specializes in burgers. And Fatburger does have a lot to live up to because of it’s slogan by stating it’s the Last Great Hamburger Stand.

I actually like the rather streamlined menu Fatburger offers. There aren’t any specialty burgers but you can always add stuff to it at an extra cost, of course. Because of this, I decided to get myself the “regular” Fatburger (which should be pretty big as it’s a quarter pound beef patty).with a slice of American cheese. I also ordered myself a side order of Fat Fries to go with my Fatburger because, well, it didn’t make sense to order “skinny” fries with a Fatburger, right?

The Fatburger with Fat Fries

When I did get my order of Fatburger with American cheese and Fat Fries, I will say I was rather underwhelmed because I was expecting something… fatter, I guess. The menu said that the beef patty weighed quarter pound. Well, the Fatburger certainly didn’t look like it! I like crisp lettuce and other fixings on my burger as much as the next guy but not at the expense of the literal meat of the burger! It looked like there was just a lot of lettuce! But, like I’ve always said before, appearances don’t matter all that much. It all depends on how the burger tastes. And I will say that the Fatburger was… good but flawed.

The first thing I will address is the rather anemic looking quarter pound beef patty. While it is hard to see, it is there. But, like I said, there’s just too much lettuce. Thankfully, the flavor of the beef still does come out beautifully but was still slightly overwhelmed by all of the other stuff that came with the burger. It seemed to be cooked to a nice and juicy medium, which is the best way to cook a burger. Still, it looked really small and I was expecting Fatburger to give me something much more massive.

Awwww! Wuk at the widdle beef patty!

I also have an issue with the tomato that came with my Fatburger with American cheese. It was cold! Like it just came out of the refrigerator! I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but it really threw me off. Everything else was either warm (like the beef patty, cheese and bun) or room temperature (like the mountain of lettuce) so including a rather frigid tomato slice on the burger was kind of a shock and a turn off, actually. It wasn’t enough to make me say that the Fatburger was a bad burger but it did me make me think twice.

The Fat Fries were just okay. The biggest problem with the Fat Fries was they weren’t crispy. They were all soft. Not limpy or soggy or anything like that. But whenever you do get fries, you do want them to have that great crispy shell on the outside while still remaining soft on the inside. Fatburger’s Fat Fries were just soft. Also, I do wish that they were more even in size. There were a whole bunch of small fries and a whole bunch of large fries but, to be fair, they were all “fat.” Still, shoutouts to Fatburger for using the entire potato if this was the case.

No middle sized fries here!

I won’t say that I was disappointed with my experience at Fatburger. The burger that I did get was still pretty good if not just a tad bit let down by the size of the actual amount of meat I got with it. If the Fatburger was fatter, I would’ve enjoyed the burger a whole lot more, even with the cold tomato slice. I guess it would’ve been better if I got the skinny fries instead of the Fat Fries as they would have a better chance of having that crispy coat. I will say that I will be returning to Fatburger and going another round as I can really see the potential of the burger. I may go back and get a double patty next time because, well, it looks like I can take it with no problem.

Have you eaten at Fatburger before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comment section below!

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