Clash Royale: How to Deal with Tilting

One of the first things that I do when I wake up is I check Clash Royale, see if I have a chest that’s ready to open, and then queue up another chest for unlocking. Sometimes, I don’t have chests to unlock.

That’s what happened a few days ago, me waking up only to find that my sole chest is ready to open. With the hopes of getting a chest to unlock, I played a match. Because after all, as per the friend who first told me about Clash Royale, a game only lasts 3-4 minutes. That’s not a big time commitment, right? Well, I lost. I still don’t have any chests for unlocking. So what was I going to do? Of course, I played a couple more games.

Another three losses later, I start to get annoyed. Including the time between matches, I’ve already spent 20 minutes and have nothing to show for it (aside from the occasional crown for my Crown Chest). I keep playing. I lose again.

I’m probably experiencing what poker players call “tilting” – a term that poker players use to describe the state in which players become less strategic due to emotional distress, resulting in less than optimal plays. Being aware of this, I knew that I wasn’t playing well – I was making silly little mistakes, overcommitting on offense and leaving me with very little elixir for defense. I end up with a draw (not much better than a loss) and then another loss. That’s seven games played with zero chests earned.

I’ve learned my way around tilting though. Sure, I still find myself in bad losing streaks every now and then, but it wasn’t as bad as before when I didn’t know about this concept. After learning about it, I became more conscious about how I played the game and made adjustments – tips that I want to share today. Again, I’m not a pro at this – I’m sure there are lots of players out there who are leagues better than me. Just consider this as helpful advice, especially for those new to the game. With that said, here we go:

1. Mute Taunts Emotes Right Off the Bat

Tilting is the result of getting affected by emotions – it’s the same as getting opponents off their games in sports by trash talking. Logically, to avoid tilting, you have to minimize the things that can cause emotional distress. And one of the “controllable” features of Clash Royale that really affects me emotionally are those darned taunts emotes.

Played at the right time, any of these emotes can help make losses even more frustrating.

I wrote about taunts emotes at length here; I see how trash talking serves as a strategic weapon in sports and taunts emotes serve a similar purpose. Which is why, to minimize my disadvantages, I just turn taunts emotes off right away. Now my opponent has no power to piss me off whatsoever.

2. Avoid Playing When There’s Possible Time Pressure

Like I said earlier, I usually take a look at my chests a few minutes after I wake up. Sometimes, and especially if all my chest slots are empty, I end up playing a few games until I have a new chest to unlock. This is fine, but there are days when I need to be at work early, so I don’t have much time to prepare. This leads to me feeling a little pressure to win on my first few games.

The same is true whenever I try to sneak a Clash Royale match in between real-life activities. Whether it’s waiting for my turn at the bank (and I’m almost up) or waiting on queue at the supermarket, I keep finding myself playing Clash Royale during inopportune times.

So this one is simple – if I know that it’s a bad time for me to be playing Clash Royale, I don’t play any further than those few games, and wait for a better opportunity later in the day instead.

3. Stop Playing After Three or Four Losses

In games, people have a tendency to want to make up for a loss right away, like when playing fighting games over at an arcade. “I know I can beat this guy, he just got lucky!” or “I just wasn’t prepared for his strategy, but I can beat him now that I know his moves!” This is particularly true in gambling, where there’s money at stake. You made a bad bet and you lost a hundred bucks; you want that c-note back right away. This is still tilting – you are so eager to bounce back from that loss. This desperation for a win just increases the more you lose.

The same applies to Clash Royale, especially since each loss leads to a drop in trophy count and could potentially mean dropping to a lower arena and losing the chance at better rewards. The rewards of most Chests depends on what Arena you’re at when you earn it, having better rewards at higher Arenas. Dropping an Arena means less gold and less cards, so I can understand why anyone would want to get back up right before the next Free Chest becomes available.

I just try to control myself – a win now isn’t much better than a win later. The difference in rewards between Chests isn’t that big to really matter if you only spend a short time in the lower Arena. Playing further could lead to more losses, dropping much lower, and needing more time to make it back up to your previous Arena. If all your slots are empty and you’re worried about the lost time that could have been spent opening a Chest, don’t forget that Clash Royale is just a game. It’s okay if you lose a few hours, there’s no real need to rush your progress in the game. So I just let it go, move on to another game or task, and play when I’m feeling much better emotionally.

4. Don’t Play When Mobile Signals Are Poor

I don’t know the technical details behind what internet connection requirements is needed to play Clash Royale, all I know is sometimes the mobile signal where I’m at isn’t good enough to be able to play Clash Royale smoothly. Clash Royale is a game that requires precision play to win; I’ve lost a LOT of games just because I experienced lag for a second or two. When this happens, I simply don’t force the issue and stop playing. I’m just gearing up for more losses if I continue.

And that’s it – my basic (and probably considered by Clash Royale pros as obvious techniques) in order to avoid tilting in Clash Royale.

Do you play Clash Royale? Have you experienced tilting? How do you deal with it? Let us know by leaving a comment or two below!


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