The Star Wars Twitter Parody Accounts

When I first learned about Twitter, I didn’t know that it could be a source of good humor. I put off signing up for a Twitter account because I’m not really a public figure and I didn’t think that other people would be interested in what I have to say, but I eventually caved because my team at work all had Twitter accounts of their own.

I first saw Emo Kylo Ren’s account (@KyloR3n) and it was an immediate follow. Basically, this guy’s schtick revolves around Kylo Ren’s imbalanced emotional state, his alleged love-hate relationship with Hux, his Solo heritage and adoration of Darth Vader. The result? Absolute hilarity. Here are some of my favorite Emo Kylo Ren tweets:

kylo ren 001

kylo ren 002

kylo ren 003

I especially like the subtle style of not capitalizing words when necessary, it makes Emo Kylo Ren appear to be even more juvenile. He’s also got this running joke of Starbucks not getting his name right:

kylo ren 004

The second account I came across is Very Lonely Luke (@VeryLonelyLuke). I don’t recall exactly how I came across this, but this is currently my favorite out of all the Star Wars parody accounts that I’ve been following.  This account’s jokes is actually a little more limited than Emo Kylo Ren’s, revolving mainly around Luke Skywalker’s self-imposed exile and being in an uninhabited planet/island. Here are my favorite Very Lonely Luke tweets:

lonely luke 01

lonely luke 02

I don’t know why I find Lonely Luke funnier, maybe it’s that profile image? One of my all-time Lonely Luke favorites:

lonely luke 03

There’s also the Arrogant BB8 account (@ArrogantBB8) that plays around BB-8’s inability to speak in nothing but beeps and boops and toys with the idea that behind that seemingly adorable robot personality is , pardon the language, an asshole. Some examples of this behavior:

bb8 01

bb8 02

Admittedly, Arrogant BB8 is my least favorite out of the Star Wars parody accounts that I follow, but it still has some really good tweets from time to time.

And finally, we get to the Glum George Lucas account (@GlumGeorgeLucas). While Very Lonely Luke is my current favorite, Glum George Lucas is a close second and may actually become my favorite given the amount of material that this account can make use of. This account pokes fun at several different subjects; the horrid ideas of the prequel trilogy (gungans, Jar Jar Binks, too much CGI), Lucas’ bad dialogue, Disney buying the Star Wars intellectual properties, and so on. It’s basically a gold mine of jokes! Here are some of my favorite Glum George Lucas tweets:

lucas 01

lucas 02

lucas 03

lucas 04

And there you have it, four of the Star Wars parody accounts that I’m currently following simply because they make me laugh. I’m sure there are others that I missed that may not be as popular (since I’m not seeing retweets from those accounts) or not as consistently funny (@BadFatherHan, I’m looking at you) or that I simply haven’t come across.

What do you think about these Star Wars parody accounts? Are there any others that I missed that I shouldn’t? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or two below!

2 thoughts on “The Star Wars Twitter Parody Accounts

    • Thank you for the comment. The Calvin and Hobbes/Star Wars mash-ups are indeed awesome. Thanks for bringing @dadjokehansolo to my attention!

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