I’ll Review Anything: Reign of the Supermen (DC Animated Film) (SPOILER FREE)

How well did DC translate one of their most famous/infamous Superman stories into animated form?

Here’s my SPOILER FREE review of Reign of the Supermen.


I’ll Review Anything: Superman Unbound

With Man of Steel getting positive but not glowing reviews, it was still fun to watch an honest to goodness Superman film on the big screen. But, if you watched it and felt you needed more from The Last Son of Krypton, Superman Unbound has you covered… but may leave you still feeling underwhelmed. Superman…

I’ll Review Anything: Man of Steel

Warner Bros. hit it big when Christopher Nolan released his trilogy based on Batman. Now, they’re hoping Nolan can duplicate that success with a reboot of the Superman movies. Entitled Man of Steel, I got to watch it earlier today and here’s my review of it. Don’t worry. This will be a SPOILER-FREE review. The…