Five Inconsequential Questions from John Wick: Chapter 4

Nobody really goes to a John Wick movie and expect a totally realistic plot. This is a movie franchise that, after all, features the titular character getting shot at multiple times, getting hit by cars and whatnot and falling from great heights with nary a broken bone on him. This is also a movie that shows hundreds of people getting maimed, mauled and manhandled in gruesome ways that you would think all of these violent deaths would be splattered all over the news.

But we all let that slide because of the energetic action scenes, the awesome worldbuilding, the neo-noir lore and creative stunts. It’s just that kind of movie. Still, after seeing John Wick: Chapter 4, I still walked away with a few questions rattling in my mind. So, let me take this time to ask just five inconsequential questions I have about John Wick: Chapter 4.

Oh, and SPOILERS since I will be talking about some of the things that happened in Chapter 4 as well as the previous films. You have been warned.

#1 Why was it so easy to find the Elder this time around?

As powerful as the High Table is, there is still someone above the group. That person is The Elder and he’s supposed to be an elusive individual. In John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum, it’s mentioned that even locating him is arduous as you can’t find him but he’ll find you. In order to do that, you’ll have to journey through the desert until you’re near death and that’s the only time The Elder will come to you.

Well, all that’s thrown out the window in Chapter 4! Because, right during the opening minutes of the film, we see John Wick chasing The Elder down and shooting him in the head. So much for being so elusive!

Which brings me to my question: why was the Elder so easy to find this time around? I mean, in Parabellum, John Wick was near death before he was brought in front of the person much higher than the High Table. He was supposed to be difficult to find. And yet John Wick simply rides out in the desert, kills a few of his people before shooting the Elder in the head. What happened?

Speaking of people who were in previous films…

#2 What happened to Aurelio, Cassian, Sofia and the Adjudicator?

There are already four movies under the belt of the John Wick franchise. Even with the main character supposedly dead, the series still can soldier on as there’s already a planned spinoff featuring the Ballerina from Chapter 3: Parabellum. You can bet she’s going to run across some John Wick mainstays like Winston and the Bowery King. The Bowery King has been making his presence felt since the second movie while Winston has been with the franchise since the very first movie. It would be very weird if Winston doesn’t appear in future installments of the franchise, wouldn’t it?

But there are a few more characters who have made their presence felt in the films. What happened to them? In fact, I gotta ask what happened to a few specific characters who were introduced in earlier movies. What happened to Aurelio, the mechanic who recognized John Wick’s car? What happened to Cassian, the assassin who John Wick left in the subway after stabbing him and telling him not to continue hunting him down? Is there any word as to what happened to Sofia, the manager of the Morocco Continental branch who helped John Wick get information on how to find the Elder? Heck, what happened to the Adjudicator, the person who pretty much set in motion what happened during Parabellum?

It really did seem they were going to appear in future installments as a lot of time was devoted to their character development when they were introduced. But where are they now? I sure hope this won’t happen to the new characters introduced in Chapter 4, such as the blind assassin Caine, the tenacious tracker Mister Nobody and the Harbinger.

Speaking of Caine…

#3 Did Akira manage to kill Caine?

The previous John Wick movies didn’t have any after credits scenes. Well, I guess it was inevitable that the franchise would follow in Marvel’s footsteps and finally add a stinger after the credits rolled. Chapter 4 has an after credits scene which does follow up on events from the film. After John Wick and Caine’s duel at the church and the Marquis de Gramont’s death, Caine has officially been cleared from any High Table orders. During the end credits, Caine is once again listening to his daughter play music on the violin and, as he was deemed free from the High Table’s command, approaches her without fear of retribution from his former masters. Little does he know that, lurking in the shadows, Akira, Shimazu Koji’s daughter, who Caine killed during the assault of the Osaka Continental hotel. She’s there to take her revenge; after all, Caine did tell her she was going to be “waiting” for her.

Just as Akira approaches Caine, however, the screen fades to black, so we never see what happened. So, I have to ask, did Akira manage to kill Caine? After all, we’re not really sure if Caine is still on high alert now that he’s been freed from the High Table’s clutches. He might not be on guard, enabling Akira to stealthily kill her target. But Caine did say he knows she’ll want revenge in the future. So he might be aware that Akira might strike at anytime, including that moment. So, did Caine fend off the attack? Was he able to get his dream reunion with his daughter? Hopefully, it’ll be revealed in a future installment of the franchise.

Speaking of Marvel’s influence…

#4 Why can Klaus only say “I am Klaus”?

In order for him to invoke the right to duel the Marquis de Gramont, John Wick has to reinstate himself with his former family, the Ruska Roma. However, because he did kill The Elder, the Marquis de Garmont had one of his henchmen, Killa, kill the head of the Ruska Roma family to set an example that anyone who helps John Wick is culpable as well. Katia, now the head of the family, orders John Wick to kill Killa in exchange for getting him back in the Ruska Roma. In order to get him close enough to Killa, Katia orders one of his subordinates, Klaus, to deliver John Wick to him.

But why does it seem Klaus can only say “I am Klaus”? He says it three times and nothing else! It makes sense when he said “I am Klaus” when first talking to John Wick. But he says it again after knocking him unconscious, which was totally unnecessary as John Wick was walking into the club under his own power. Klaus then says it again when leaving! How come he can only say “I am Klaus”? Is Klaus a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe and Guardians of the Galaxy fan and just imitating Groot? Did he try learning English in his sleep but the tape got stuck so it kept repeating “I am Klaus” ala Dexter’s Laboratory’s Omelete du Fromage? What gives?

Speaking of the duel…

#5 Why did the Bowery King drop John Wick so far away from the duel location?

During the final moments of the film, John Wick, Winston and the Bowery King meet up in a dilapidated subway to regroup before the duel with Caine, the Marquis de Gramont’s champion. The Bowery King drops off John Wick a good ways distance from the appointed location and the continues on with Winston to the church grounds for the duel. Not wanting the duel to happen, the Marquis de Gramont puts a bounty on John Wick and sends his personal hit squad after John Wick, leading to a brutal chase throughout Paris.

So, I gotta ask why the Bowery King dropped John Wick so far away from the meeting spot? I mean, John Wick asked him to take him as far as he could, which I would assume was that point. But, if that’s the case, why didn’t he drop Winston off there as well? Did he just bring along Winston on the boat and then head back? Heck, it appears the Bowery King has a whole train network down there. You’re telling me there wasn’t a train station next to the church?

Also, side question: why wasn’t the Bowery King there to witness the duel? In Chapter 3: Parabellum, he was already reinstated by the High Table by the Adjudicator so he’s now in good standing with them. So why not watch what happens? He wasn’t even there when he died! Okay, he was there for the funeral but he refused to see if his friend would survive or not? What a jerk!

Speaking of the chaos in Paris…

BONUS: Did the police in Paris not care about all of that carnage that was happening then?

Look, I don’t live in Paris so I don’t know what the police response is to, say, a rash of car crashes, shots fired and innocent civilians getting their vehicle totaled near a historic landmark like the The Arc de Triomphe, but it just has to be better than what we saw in John Wick: Chapter 4. Because nary a police car showed up there! Okay, maybe the High Table have control over the police force over there but, man, you would think someone got their phone out to film all that carnage! He’d be a viral sensation overnight!

Do you have any other questions that popped into your head after watching John Wick? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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