Five Inconsequential Questions from The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is kind of the opposite of the Suicide Squad film from 2016. The one that was released five years ago was a financial hit but bombed with critics. The 2021 sequel/reboot, on the other hand, did very well with critics but not so well at the box office. Then again, The Suicide Squad faced a whole lot more challenges when it came to getting people into the theaters than a giant starfish alien destroying a city. It’s a shame, really, as I really liked The Suicide Squad and I really hope Warner Bros. and DC give James Gunn another chance when it comes to making another one.

However, even though I think The Suicide Squad is a great movie and definitely worth watching, that doesn’t save it from me not raising questions about some of the things that just popped into my mind. These may not be really huge questions in the grand scheme of things but, nevertheless, I still have to ask these rather inconsequential questions regarding The Suicide Squad.

Oh, and since I will need to talk about specific plot points and things that happened in the film, I’m putting up the SPOILER WARNING right now. You have been warned!

#1 Did Weasel really die for a moment?

Early in the film, we get to see the first Task Force X group, who are composed of Rick Flagg, Harley Quinn, Javelin, Savant, Captain Boomerang, Mongal, Blackguard, TDK and Weasel. Things immediately went off the rails with one of the members, Weasel, seemingly dying from drowning before they even made it ashore. Apparently, no one bothered to check if weasels can swim. By they way, they can. Very well, in fact. But this anthropomorphic version? Not so much?

However, Weasel manages to make a miraculous recovery as seen in the end credits as, not only does he become one of the few survivors of the beach assault, he seemed to have recovered almost immediately from his near death experience. So, my questions is: did Weasel really die?

I mean, you can plainly see in the Task Force X control room that they actually marked Weasel as deceased thanks to its mugshot colored in red. But did they really check on his vitals? I would guess they had some advanced tech to check if someone was still alive or dead but did they just take Savant’s word? Did Weasel really die for a moment? Or did a weasel just play possum?

Speaking of the beach invasion…

#2 How did Blackguard contact Corto Maltese?

When Rick Flagg and his team landed on the beach, they realized that the entire Corto Maltese army was waiting for them. It turns out one of their own, Blackguard, contacted the island nation and notified them of their impeding landfall. Unfortunately for Blackguard, he was immediately killed by the same army forces he contacted.

It’s possible that Amanda Waller already knew this was going to happen as it’s more than strongly hinted that this first strike force was just a decoy to allow another team consisting of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2 (and Sebastian the rat) and King Shark to enter the island nation undetected as all the patrols were too busy engaging the first team.

That’s all well and good and it shows what an evil tactician Waller is. But how did Blackguard go about contacting the Corto Maltese in the first place?

I guess Amanda Waller may have intentionally weakened the surveillance on Blackguard to enable him to backstab his team. But, seeing as Belle Reve is a maximum security prison meant to house dangerous supervillains like Blackguard, it would be incredibly difficult to get any form of communication to the outside world, even if they did loosen things up a bit. So how did he manage to get a message out so quickly?

Speaking of Belle Reve…

#3 Why are there Arkham Asylum prisoners in Belle Reve?

Obviously, Amanda Waller needs to find supervillains to recruit them to her Suicide Squad. And what better place to do so than in Belle Reve? This is the prison where the supposedly incarcerate the worst criminals in the DC Extended Universe… which makes it strange we only see lower tiered villains like Double Down and Kaleidoscope. We’re also shown that the likes of Harley Quinn and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse of Calendar Man, a couple of classic Batman villains are housed in-between the walls of Belle Reve.

But why are both Harley Quinn and Calendar Man in Belle Reve in the first place?

They may be classified as dangerous supervillains but they’re still supervillains with mental health issues. That’s why the two, when they are captured, are normally incarcerated in Arkham Asylum so they can try to get the help the need. It doesn’t make sense for them to be in prison with relatively sane criminals, though. So why are they there? Does Arkham Asylum and Belle Reve have some weird prison exchange program?

Speaking of Harley Quinn…

#4 How did the Corto Maltese troops know that Harley Quinn was supposed to be part of the team?

It is nice that James Gunn took some time to give Harley Quinn her own little story arc in The Suicide Squad. After the beach invasion is thwarted, the Corto Maltese soldiers surround Harley Quinn and imprison her. Take note, they didn’t attempt to kill her but capture her. After her capture, she’s told to put on a nice dress and actually spends a nice day with the new dictator of the country. The dictator explains that the citizens are enamored by Harley’s anti-American stance (which isn’t actually true because she’s just crazy but I’ll let that pass) and they would want him to marry her. She almost accepts but relents when she finds out the dictator is willing to torture and hurt children. That’s apparently a huge red flag for Harley now. At least he got some wild nookie with her?

But back to my question regarding all of this: how the heck did the soldiers know that Harley Quinn was supposed to be on the beach? I mean, they would’ve had to tried their hardest not to kill her but capture her instead. The dictator would have to be really specific that he wanted her captured. So how did then know that they shouldn’t obliterate the only white female on the team? Blackguard couldn’t have told them that Harley was part of the team because, as seen in the intro, no one knew who was going to be part of the team! In fact, Harley was late because she had to do number 2! Then again, it all worked out as Harley Quinn was part of the ragtag team to survive the city assault of Starro the Conqueror.

Speaking of Starro…

#5 Why did Starro want to conquer the city?

During the climax of The Suicide Squad, the remaining members of Task Force X release Starro the Conqueror from its prison. It immediately infects the solders around him and promptly heads to the city to claim it for its own. The surviving team of Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher 2 (and Sebastian the rat) and King Shark defy Waller’s order and try to save the city. They do succeed with Starro sadly stating he was happy to just float around space before his capture.

Well, if Starro was waxing nostalgia over floating around in space, why did it even bother trying to conquer the city? I mean, at the end, it sounded like he just wanted to go back home but, instead of relaying this information clearly, he decided to proclaim that he was going to take over the city! Of course no one took kindly to his actions and of course Starro had to die! If he really wanted to go back into space, maybe he could just ask instead of trying to mind control an entire nation?

BONUS: Will Weasel start killing children again?

The Suicide Squad has a quick mid-credits scene where it’s revealed Weasel is still alive. He then waddles into the dense jungle afterwards. It’s supposed to be a cute and happy scene… but it really isn’t if you think about it.

You have to remember the reason why Weasel was imprisoned in Belle Reve in the first place was because he’s killed 27 children in the past! Doesn’t that mean he now free to kill more innocent infants in the future? Man, I hate to be a kid living in Corto Maltese now!

Have any other questions that popped into your head after watching The Suicide Squad? Let me know in the comments section below!

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