Ranking the WandaVision Sitcom Openings

I just realized that we might not be talking all that much about WandVision for a while, especially with Marvel releasing the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ and Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max this week. And I bet there are still a lot of fans reeling from the events that transpired in the show. So, I decided to strike while the iron is hot and talk about something I really loved about WandaVision: the different theme songs.

It must have been something for Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the duo who are no stranger to making catchy songs as they were the couple who wrote the massive hit “Let It Go” from Frozen. It must have also been incredibly fun composing the various ditties that were supposed to represent the theme songs for each sitcom from different eras. Also, I will give huge props to Marvel and Disney for trying to mimic not only the style of the songs of the time period but also the visuals as each theme song is accompanied by an eerily accurate opening.

But there were definitely some theme songs that stood out and some that didn’t stand out so much for me. So, I decided to rank each song. My ranking will be based on how the catchy the theme song is, how well the song represents the period as well as the visuals. And, no, as good as “Agatha All Along” is, with its Munsters inspired tone and on-point lyrics, it’s not a WandaVision theme song so it’s not included. If it were, it would definitely be somewhere on the top on the list, though!

Yes, I know it’s sad because” Agatha All Along” is just a plain good song that suits the character! With that out of the way, let’s go rank the WandaVision sitcom openings! Starting with…

#6 “V-W 2000” (00’s sitcoms)

Honestly, I’m kind of amazed the ’00s WandaVision sitcom even had a theme song as this was the time when most shows were getting rid of their opening tunes and just showing up a title card. Which is why I really appreciate The Office style opening of “W-V 2000” as there was even an opening in the first place!

There are a few nice touches for this intro. It does mimic the fast paced visual style of using random images, which did feel like a modern sitcom. Adding the “Created by Wanda Maximoff” at the end is a neat little reference on how creators love to plaster their names on their shows these days. There’s even a brief creepy moment where the text reads “I know what u are doing, Wanda” for a split second.

However, “V-W 2000” does lack a memorable hook to make you remember it. It sounds like an oft-kilter version of The Office theme song. The visuals also do not really lend itself to any particular moment to make it stand out for itself. I get the homages it’s trying to pay but there’s just nothing here to make it stand out, making it the worst WandaVision theme song of the bunch.

Also, the name kinda sucks. I would have preferred calling it something like “Hello, My Name is Wanda” since we do see that written down at the very start of the opening.

#5 “WandaVision!” (’60 sitcoms)

I really thought I was going to like WandaVision’s ’60s sitcoms. I grew up watching old reruns of I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched for some reason, two comedies that featured a woman with magical powers so I really imagined me liking the theme songs as well. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

There are some things I did like, though. I loved how they totally emulated the Bewitched opening as they used an old-styled animated intro. The light jazzy tone is also cool sounding and it reminds me a lot of the I Dream of Jeannie opening ditty. However, those are pretty much the only good things I can say about the “WandaVision!’ tune.

My biggest issue is that it does feel repetitive. I don’t mind that it doesn’t have any lyrics to speak of except for saying “WandaVision!” over and over again. I mean, that is the title after all. But the only reason why I remember it is because they do repeat the same thing during the final few seconds of the song. Otherwise, I can’t really hum the tune. I guess it does make sense because the sitcoms that this period of WandaVision is paying homage to didn’t have lyrics as well. Still, it didn’t really strike me as anything special.

#4 “Let’s Keep It Going” (’90s sitcoms)

It’s hard for me to even imagine this song relatively low on my list. There’s a lot of things that should make me place this higher than it currently does but there are just some things that, well, kind of irked me about “Let’s Keep It Going,” WandaVision’s take on ’90s sitcom theme songs.

It’s pretty obvious “Let’s Keep It Going” was inspired by Malcolm in the Middle. I wasn’t the hugest fan of the show but, whenever I did catch an episode, I think it was fine and creative, especially since it tried to show a dysfunctional but lovable family in a good light. Also, Malcolm in the Middle’s theme song, “Boss Of Me” by They Might Be Giants is probably one of the best theme songs out there for a sitcom or any kind of show for that matter.

I will start that I really appreciate the overall tone of the song. The punk rock tune does sound like a rocking tune by itself in theory. I also loved the fact they got Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of Bikini Kill, no less, to sing “Let’s Keep It Going.” And the handheld camera style they used to film the intro fit right into the style of the song. So, what do I find wrong with it?

Honestly, it just didn’t sound punk rock enough for me. The punk rock attitude just didn’t really come across to me as it felt more restrained than it should be. It never let loose to a degree that it felt like it was slightly out of control and rebellious. It just sounded too safe for my liking, which is incredibly disappointing for me as I was really preparing myself to rock out to this.

#3 “A Newlywed Couple” (’50s sitcom)

I was surprised with how much I really liked the very first theme song that appeared in WandaVision but for the oddest reason. The reason is I don’t really know any sitcoms from the ’50s so I had no idea what they were drawing inspiration from for “A Newlywed Couple.” So I was pleasantly surprised with how this came across for me and how, after watching it, I immediately thought how perfect it fit.

I did have to do some research to see where they drew inspiration for this ditty and, yes, it sounds a lot like the opening for the Dick Van Dyke Show, especially thanks to the trumpet sound effects. However, that show did not have any lyrics but, for some odd reason, the overall way the singers sound is like it’s from The Flintstones. That’s just the way it sounds in my head.

They way “A Newlywed Couple” has a sound of the period definitely gives it points. Additionally, I love how they lyrics already tells the viewer of the premise of WandaVision’s first sitcom. It’s very straightforward and to the point, making it a good setup for what to expect… sort of. The visuals also look period perfect thanks to the editing of the Sold sign on the front and the gentle way Wanda gently “floats” to the ground while Vision fazes through the door. They even paid homage to Dick Van Dyke as Vision actually goes through the chair instead of tripping over it.

My issues are few with this intro. The boisterous “WandaVision” at the end may be necessary and what they would do in the ’50s. But it just comes out of nowhere for me. It also makes it seem like they didn’t know how to end it. I’m kind of nitpicking but the ending does bother me a little. Still, it’s a good song that fits the time period and the opening visuals match the feel perfectly.

#2 “We’ve Got Something Cooking” (’70s sitcom)

I kind of have a blind spot when it comes to ’70s shows. Which is weird because I actually watched a lot of The Brady Bunch when I was a lot younger. I guess it wasn’t all that memorable to me. I also never watched a single episode of The Partridge Family so I actually have no idea what that show’s all about. All I know is that “We’ve Got Something Cooking” is extremely catchy!

It was obvious that the visual style for the ’70s opening of WandaVision was heavily inspired by The Brady Bunch because of how the “hexes” were spaced out to closely mimic the look of that show. The song itself seems to be directly influenced by The Partridge Family’s theme song as it sound eerily similar to the boppy rhythm and style. However, I will say that I like “We’ve Got Something Cooking” a whole lot more than the song it pays tribute to!

“We’ve Got Something Cooking” is super catchy because of how happy and cheerful it sounds. The notes just seem to flow together really well. Add the super colorful visual opening with Wanda and Vision just enjoying life makes it just seem like it really did come from the ’70s! It looks trite but not in a parodying way. Rather, it looks to pay homage to the hip ’70s aesthetic.

While the visuals are virutally perfect, there are a couple of misstep the song makes and they’re with the lyrics. The rhyming, especially at the start, feels rather lazy. I mean, rhyming “good” and “could” isn’t the most creative one out there. But I can kind of forgive that because, well, it’s not supposed to be a really complicated song to begin with. Also, while I get the title hints at Wanda having a bun in the over, so to speak, it just feels rather off as the entire “cooking” direction doesn’t really go anywhere. Still, it’s a super catchy song.

#1 “Making It Up As We Go Along” (’80s sitcoms)

Now, making the ’80s sitcom theme song might be me being somewhat biased as I am an ’80s kid and I grew up on a steady diet of shows like Family Ties, Full House and, well, not so much Growing Pains… but I am definitely familiar with the period. Even with that, I still think “Making It Up As We Go Along” is the best sitcom opening of WandaVision.

The actual intro video is definitely a mishmash of the ’80s sitcoms I mentioned as it borrows the “growing up” pictures used in Growing Pains, the iconic “painting” scene from Family Ties and the outdoor picnic scene from Full House. The song itself seems to be directly inspired by the Growing Pains theme song but with just enough variation to make it sound like its own thing. I kind of wish they paid homage to Full House instead, though, as that’s a more memorable tune.

In fact, I will say that “Making It Up As We Go Along” isn’t all that catchy. It’s memorable enough to stick in your head and it has that wonderful cheesy sound. There are some really smart lyrics here, like when they switch to a higher key when they sing “but we’ll take it higher…” which is a classic ’80s song trick. Sure, some of the lyrics can be sappy but it fits perfectly with the ’80s sitcom soundtrack. I also kind of wish they managed to fit in Family Ties’ “sha-la-la-la” ending vocals. But what puts “Making It Up As We Go Along” over the top is the presentation. Even if you’re totally unfamiliar with any of the sitcoms I mentioned, the opening just oozes the ’80s feel. The visuals just fit perfectly into the era.

Oh, we also get that hilarious few pictures of a very young Vision. Oh, it can be creepy but it a funny way so I have to give this intro bonus points for that, don’t I?

What’s your favorite opening to WandaVision? Let me know what it is in the comments section below!


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