Episode 335: Capcom Should Make a Vs. Game Without the Vs.


I have been thinking a lot of Capcom fighting games as of late as the finals for Capcom Cup is creeping up on us. I am generally excited for the event as there’s a whole lot of high caliber Street Fighter action that is going to take place 2 weeks from now. Not only are we going to get the Last Chance Qualifiers tournament and see who is the best Street Fighter V player in the world, we’re also getting an extra treat of seeing which team, Japan or the United States, has the best players in the world. It’s going to be a really long and great weekend for Street Fighter fans.

While this is going to be really good for Street Fighter fans, I do think it’s kind of wrong that the Capcom Cup only features a single, solitary game. Call me greedy but isn’t Capcom supposed to be a company that has a slew of fighting games under its belt and shouldn’t they also show up in Capcom Cup? The thing is, as illustrious Capcom’s pedigree is when it comes to making legendary fighting games, they haven’t made anything that you would call big hits as of late. The latest one I can think of, besides Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is the aforementioned Street Fighter V. I don’t even think Capcom wants to talk about Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite anymore because of what a massive disappointment that game was, especially when you compare it to more visually stunning games like Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Even though it was an incredible failure, I do think the Vs. series isn’t dead. At the very least, if it is dead, it could easily be resurrected. The issue is I think Capcom isn’t really willing to work with another licensee to make another Vs. game work. Oh, I would truly want to see them get back the Marvel characters now that Disney can freely promote the X-Men and Fantastic Four, comic book characters morosely left out of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite due to licensing issues. I would also love to see them do something like maybe a crossover with SNK once again… but after seeing them team up with Street Fighter X Tekken, I do have some second thoughts on the matter.

Then again, why would Capcom, a company that has a multitude of hit games and a virtual who’s who of memorable video game characters, need to do a crossover in order to make a Vs. game? Why not just use the same mechanics of the previous Vs. series, all the hyper jumping, delayed Hyper Combos, insane air combos and all of that, and just use Capcom characters? I guess it does sound like a crazy idea and, to some of you, it may even be blasphemy, but I have some reasons why it can work.

For one thing, Capcom wouldn’t be beholden to any restrictions the other company might want. This boils down to the entire Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite fiasco. Fans were excited that a new entry to the series was coming but that was practically the only good news they got regarding the game. Every bit and piece of news started to really grind the gears of most Vs. fans. The X-Men were suspiciously missing from the roster. The graphics looked bland and the animations looked stiff and recycled. I wanted to really like this game but it was just missing the craziness and hype that the previous Marvel vs. Capcom games were missing. It seemed everything went wrong.

While you can blame the rumored low budget for the game’s lack of quality, the limited roster, with missing fan favorites like Doctor Doom, Magneto and others, can be blamed on Marvel and Disney themselves as, for some ridiculous reason, they didn’t want promoting those characters since they weren’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Way to put consumers and fun below self-promotion, House of Mouse!

This kind of thing wouldn’t have happened if Marvel and Disney were okay with Capcom picking and choosing what characters would fit the game. Unfortunately, they had to bow down to their wishes and this is part of the reason we got this sub-par. If Capcom does decided to make a Vs. game solely using their own IP and characters, then this wouldn’t be an issue, now would it?

Besides, isn’t Capcom’s roster of characters big enough? I mean, look at all the franchises they have over the years. Street Fighter. Mega Man. Resident Evil. Monster Hunter. Final Fight. Ghosts and Goblins. Onimusha. Dead Rising. Phoenix Wright. Okami. Captain Commando. Bionic Commando. CyberBots. Viewtiful Joe. Strider! Those are just the one that have popped into previous Vs. games in one form or another. What about Rival Schools? Knights of the Round? Dino Crisis? Breath of Fire? Power Stone? I would certainly love to see the cast of Rival Schools as it looks a lot like Vs. Lite already!

Wouldn’t it be great if Capcom actually assembled all of their big names under one fighting game? This was the feeling I got when I first saw the character select screen of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Maybe I didn’t know who Son Son, Ruby Heart, Hayato and Amingo were but I certainly was aware of Ryu, Tron Bonne, Strider, Captain Commando, Morrigan and many more! This was a huge roster of characters by itself!

Imagine if they added Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2, Kyosuke from Rival Schools, Edward Falcon from Power Stone, Katt from Breath of Fire II and Unknown Soldier from Forgotten Worlds? Why don’t they even throw in the oddball characters like the velociraptor from Dino Crisis and Nobunaga from Onimusha while they’re at it? Those characters may seem out of place but we already have Phoenix Wright accusing characters of their guilt before! Why shouldn’t we have other weird characters duke it out with other fighters?

It may seem weird for Capcom to produce a game that uses the Vs. mechanics without some kind of crossover, I will admit that. However, I’m thinking this may be beneficial for both the company and gamers as Capcom won’t need to wait for someone to work with in order to make another Vs. game. There are more than enough characters they can work with and they won’t have to deal with the licensee vetoing any of their ideas because it might hurt their brand. In fact, producing a really good Vs. game and just using their own roster of heroes and villains may lead to Capcom doing some really creative things with their characters. We’re not talking about “functions” here. We’re talking about really new ideas for the new characters they can introduce.

Of course, I wouldn’t be against another really good Marvel vs. Capcom game. If worst comes to worst, I would be fine with a really good Vs. game, sans Marvel.


Would you play a Capcom Vs. game without the crossover? Let me know in the comments section below!


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