Ten Character Suggestions for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

It’s happening!

I didn’t the rumors that Capcom was making another Marvel vs. Capcom game. It was fiction to me. I figured that the company would back off from making fighting games because of the rather disappointing sales numbers of Street Fighter V, a game I love despite all its flaws. There would also be the issue of licensing out Marvel’s lineup of characters, which I thought the comic and movie giant would want to farm out to a different company. There were also a lot of reasons that I thought off that would prevent the production of another Marvel vs. Capcom.

Yet, here were are! It was just announced a couple of days ago during the PlayStation Experience keynote that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will be coming out next year! And I’m so hyped! I’ll probably be disappointed by some of the new gameplay mechanics, like it now being a 2-vs-2 game and I’m probably going to despise the Infinity Gems system. But, as of this moment, I’m just like Maximilian; I’m just so happy this is actually coming out!

What I am excited is for the possibilities of who’s going to be on the roster! It’s amazing that Megaman X and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel are officially going to be in the roster for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. But who else? Well, I can only dream but I do have a few suggestions. Of course, I’ll be picking five characters for each side; 5 for Marvel and 5 for Capcom. There’s plently to go around anyway!

Marvel Side #1: Groot (from Guardians of the Galaxy)

With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel isn’t going to pass up on the chance to put one of those characters in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Rocket Raccoon already made it in during Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but shouldn’t his best bud, Groot, be in the game?

It’s a sure thing that Groot will be in and, honestly, I think he would make a wonderful addition. The movie gave Grood a myriad of special abilities and attacks, giving him a lot of potential special moves built in. It may seem he would be unsuited for the fast and frantic pace that the Vs series is known for… but hey! If there are players that can make Hulk look viable, there are going to be some players that’ll make Groot look good as well.

Oh, and when his life bar is drained and has the appropriate meter, he won’t be KOed. No, he’ll just turn into Baby Groot!

Capcom Side #1: Necalli (from Street Fighter V)

Necalli may be one of the new characters from Capcom’s flagship fighting series, but he’s certainly fitting in with the more well-known characters of the series. He’s one of the more viable fighters on the roster and would definitely make a wonderful addition to Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s cast of characters.

There is a ferociousness to his offense that would make Necalli work well with the combo heavy gameplay of the Vs series. Capcom definitely could make him an extremely fantastic (and possibly overpowered) new character that would be able to stand toe-to-toe against mainstays like Doctor Doom, Iron Man and, most especially) Wolverine!

Marvel Side #2: Green Goblin (from Spider-Man)

I actually think is weird that one of Marvel’s most iconic villains, the Green Goblin, has yet to make his introduction in a fighting game, much less a Vs. game. Well, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite can remedy this injustice!


The Green Goblin seems like the perfect fit for the Vs. series. He has a glider so he can fly like a lot of the characters in the game. He’s got various projectiles as well as tricks up his sleeve, which will afford Capcom a lot of leeway on how the character will play like. Come on, Capcom! You know he’s perfect! Put him in!

Capcom Side #2: Hyo Imawano (from Rival Schools)

Look, Capcom. I appreciate that you’re making a new Vs. game. I also love that you’re continuously producing content for Street Figther V (even though is just to get as much money from your fans). With that being said, however, I want to know where’s my new Rival Schools game? I really want to use big bad guy Hyo Imawano again!

Hyo Iwamano was the final boss in both Rival Schools and its sequel, Project Justice. The character just excuded coolness with his sword slashing attacks. He was also one of the more fun characters to control because of how powerful he was! I wouldn’t expect to see his “Demon” Hyo form… but just regular ol’ Hyo would be just fine!

Marvel Side #3: Juggernaut (from X-Men)

Chances for the X-Men roster getting in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite seem pretty slim. The new game looks like it’ll be focusing mostly on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which doesn’t include the X-Men films. Still, I would like to see Juggernaut return to the Vs. series.

Juggernaut wasn’t the most popular character in the previous Vs. games. He was incredibly slow and couldn’t get around as quickly has his more spy foes. But this is actually why he would be an interesting returning character. He’s actually got the tools as he is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. Capcom could work on him to make him a more viable character on the roster!

Speaking of slow characters who didn’t return for Marvel vs. Capcom 3…

Capcom Side #4: Jin Saotome (from Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness)

Like Juggernaut, Jin Saotome wasn’t picked a whole lot when he was available. Despite looking slim and light on his feet, Jin Saotome was also a slow, lumbering character, which didn’t suit the play style of a lot of people. He also utilized charge motions, making him feel incredibly out of place in a fighting game that relied on quick reactions and long combos. But I still think Capcom should bring him back for this new Vs. game.

I always felt Jin Saotome wasn’t viable not because of the charge motions. Rather, it was the odd selection of special attacks they gave him. Was a whirling cyclone and exploding clothes the best Capcom could come up with? You do realize that he has Blodia, a giant mech, right? Sure, they made all of his supers use Blodia in some way. But if Capcom were smart, they would’ve found a way to utilize Blodia for his special moves as well.

Marvel Side #4: Spider-Gwen

What? Not Spider-Man? Well, as this is a totally new game, I think it would be refreshing and kind of a shock if, instead of having a Spider “Man,” Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite can introduce their very first Spider “Woman.” And the best candidate would be the Spider-Woman from Earth-65, Gwen Stacy, who is better known as Spider Gwen.

There’s nothing that would make Spider-Gwen any different from Spider-Man aside from being a female version of the character. She has the same powers are the Web-Slinger we’re all familar with. This may ruffle the feathers of longtime Vs. fans, leaving out Spider Man. But I just love the character and the really original take Marvel did with Gwen Stacy, making her the heroine instead of the one that needs saving. So I’m adding her to this list!

Capcom Side #4: Juri (from Street Fighter)

Yes, Juri is another Street Fighter but, among all of the new characters that were introduced in Street Fighter IV, she was definitely one of the more popular additions. She’s become such a fan favorite, fans actually demanded she be added to the Street Fighter V… even though not many people are actually using her! Even so, Juri would be a perfect fit for the chaotic action in the Vs. series.

There’s at lot more to Juri than just being easy on the eyes. She’s an incredibly quick and sadistic fighter and, in the Street Fighter games, she has the ability to chain her attacks together, much like, well, all characters in the Vs. series. However, Capcom can make it so she can also chain her special kick attacks together much like Iron Fist in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Marvel Side #5: Loki (from Thor)

You know what’s the most common complaint about all the Marvel movies, even the ones that are well received? The villains aren’t any good! You know who the exception to this rule is? Loki! And he would also be well received in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite! In fact, Marvel already did an okay job of making the character playable in Contest of Champions… but you know full well Capcom would make him so much better!

Unlike fellow Asgardian Thor, Loki wouldn’t be a brute who relies on his strength to win battles. I’d rather see him be a slippery and fast character, relying on his speed to take out his opponents. Oh, and being the God of Mischief, he’d have a very annoying teleport that’s going to be the bane of a lot of people!

Capcom Side #5: Asura (Asura’s Wrath)

Who’s the baddest fighter in the Capcom universe? You’d think it was Akuma from Street Fighter, right? Well, no. The most powerful fighter would actually be the demigod Asura from Asura’s Wrath. He did beak Akuma after all!

Asura would probably the most insane inclusion to Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite… but he would be one of the most welcome. Asura’s attacks are incredibly crazy and over the top but he would fit well with the absurdity of a Vs. game. He’d be extremely punishing and could continue combos for ages like in the game!

Who else do you think should appear in Capcom’s upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite fighting game? Let me know in the comments section below!

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