Episode 328: WWE Needs the All-Female Evolution Show Back


Is it weird that I’m more upset that the WWE is going back to the Middle East to give us another Crown Jewel show? Look, I understand it’s a business thing and they’re going to be paid lots of money to do it. I’m not even all that upset at the cultural gap that doesn’t allow women to participate in the show. No, what I really dislike about the WWE doing another Crown Jewel show is that they just suck. They just made 2 Crown Jewel shows so far but they’ve struck out both times. This will probably be the third strike.

The only good thing that did come out of the entire Crown Jewel debacle was the retaliatory all-female pay-per-view the WWE threw together in the reaction to the women’s ban. That show was the one-off show, Evolution.

As of this post’s writing, the WWE hasn’t announced any plans to do another Evolution event this year and it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll do it again since, from what I read, the pay-per-view didn’t really rack in that many viewers. In fact, the biggest reason why the show got any real traction was because of the hastily booked Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella match. Without that match, Evolution would have been an utter disaster. With Ronda Rousey taking a breather from the WWE, the company really has no incentive to risk another financial money pit of a show.

Or should they? It’s my opinion that, despite Ronda Rousey taking a sabbatical from the WWE, the time is ripe for another all-female Evolution pay-per-view.

The WWE is hesitant to make another all-female pay-per-view because their biggest female draw, Ronda Rousey, isn’t active at the moment. However, if you really think about it, The Baddest Woman on the Planet isn’t their biggest female WWE Superstar at the moment. That honor goes to The Man, Becky Lynch.

While I have ripped into Becky Lynch for the WWE kind of “de-manning” The Man to a certain degree, she is still one of the biggest draws for the company at this time. She still has the fans on her back and I do believe there are more than just a couple of fans who go to a WWE show to see Becky Lynch. While she doesn’t have the mainstream appeal of a well-known star like Ronda Rousey, she is more than capable of proving that she’s a huge ticket seller even today.

I also have to mention that the WWE has certainly tried to improve their Women’s division. Not only do they have two Women Champions for both the RAW and Smackdown side of things, they also now have the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships as well. The Women’s Tag Team Championship had a rocky start as it seemed more like an afterthought initially but the situation has improved. I honestly loved it when The IIconics took the belts at Wrestlemania 35 but the overall prestige did explode when the duo of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won the belts.

This was a surprise since a lot of WWE fans, including myself, expected Alexa Bliss to just be using Nikki Cross’ naivety to get another title but surprise, surprise! They actually are best friends. Heck, Alexa Bliss actually became a legitimate good person while still retaining her attitude, which is something I couldn’t think possible!

What I’m basically trying to say that the WWE Women’s Division already has 3 prestigious titles that can be defended during one pay-per-view, which is more than enough to put on a pay-per-view event. So why not make another all-female show where the RAW, Smackdown and Tag Team Women titles are defended? That should be enough to draw in people.

“How will they fill in the extra time in-between the title bouts?” you may ask. Well, the WWE’s Women’s roster does feel much more stacked than it was prior to Wrestlemania. A lot of the female WWE performers have come into their own yet they still feel underutilized. You have the likes of Lacey Evans, who had a smashing debut but hasn’t done anything major recently. Ember Moon, who is an exciting in-ring performer who is languishing in mediocrity because the WWE can’t seem to find anything to do with her. The same thing can be said for Superstars like Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Mandy Rose and, most especially, Sonya Deville.

The WWE is doing a disservice by not giving the rest of the Women’s roster ample TV time. I rarely see them because the focus on the current main players in the Women’s Division. Granted, I do love seeing Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, but I would definitely love to see some mid-level feuds and matches between the other Women Superstars in the WWE. Putting them on a dedicated pay-per-view where they would have the time to put on a great match would only help their career as well as make them come off as legitimate contenders for the titles.

I haven’t even talked about the NXT Women’s division, which does have more than just potential right now. While I haven’t really kept up with what’s been happening in NXT, but if there is one Women’s Superstar from that show I have to talk about, it definitely has to be Shayna Baszler. She has got to be one of the best female wrestlers today, in my opinion. She also is very good on the mic and just plain entertaining. In fact, I kind of forgot that NXT has a women’s division just now so why not include an NXT Women’s title match in another all-female show just to remind the WWE Universe that NXT is still a thing and their Women’s division is nothing to sneeze at?

Look, I know the likelihood of the WWE greenlighting another all-female Evolution pay-per-view is highly unlikely, but, at the same time, I think the timing for it is just perfect. Some of their biggest draws, like Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch, are part of their Women’s division and it seems crazy that the WWE isn’t using them to capitalize on a good show. Having an all-female show can also create a lot of buzz for up and comers who the WWE want to promote in the future or give them the opportunity to show that they can also be top stars. It seems like a total waste… especially when you consider the WWE is going to Crown Jewel once again to put out a substandard show for the third straight year.

Oh, mark my words. Crown Jewel is going to be boring! As much as they’re trying to hype it up by appealing to our nostalgia with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, it’s still going to suck in the end.

At least I’m sure, if there was another Evolution show, it would wash away the bad taste out of my mouth that Crown Jewel would leave.


Do you think the WWE should make another Evolution event? Let me know in the comments section below!

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