Re-Finding The Lost Room Miniseries

There have been so many great shows that have been cancelled in the past. Usually, they receive some cult status among fans and are still remembered. You have shows like Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Twin Peaks, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and many more. These shows are still regarded as some of the best shows that were just cancelled but are still remembered fondly by geeks all over the world. But there are more than a couple of great shows that have fallen through the cracks. For me, one of these shows is the 2006 miniseries The Lost Room.

The Lost Room aired more than a decade ago on the Sci-Fi Channel (way before it renamed itself to the ridiculous SyFy Channel) and it starred Peter Krause as Detective Joe Miller who, while investigating a case, stumbles upon The Room by accident. His daughter accidentally gets lost in The Room and he tries to search for the other Objects from The Room in the hopes of bringing back his daughter. While all of this is happening, Miller also has to deal with the various people, groups and cults that are in search for The Room and The Objects to serve their own purposes.

Okay, my quick summary of The Lost Room sounds really dour and serious but, in actuality, it’s not. The show is incredibly fun and creative. That’s mostly because of the overall premise of the titular Lost Room. The Room was lost in both time and space due to something called The Event and, because of this, all of the the items inside The Room gained some kind of special properties. They do retain whatever they should be able to do but each Object does a little something extra and this is where The Lost Room’s creativity shines.

Most of the fun regarding The Lost Room actually revolves around the mystery of what The Objects can do. Sometimes, they can be really cool but some of them are totally useless. One example of an Object being able to do something incredibly worthless is The Wristwatch which can cook an egg (and only eggs) if you slip in into the wristband. I guess it’s handy if you really love hard boiled eggs? Some Object got really useful abilities, though. The Key, when inserted into a door with the right kind of keyhole, can transport you to any place, as long as that location has a door with a keyhole. The Pen can be used to microwave a guy’s insides, making the adage “The pen is mightier than the sword” incredibly apt. The Bus Ticket will instantaneously transport a person to some place in Texas if you bop him on the head with it. My favorite Object, however, is The Comb, which can stop time for 10 seconds if you rub it in your hair. You can run around freely but, as everything is “frozen,” you won’t be able to move anything. Oh, and you’ll experience extreme vertigo once time starts moving again.

The Lost Room also did a good job at world building. They’ve built a set of rules regarding The Room and The Objects that you do have to get used to. For example, since The Room has been lost in this reality, it can only be accessed via The Key. Any person in The Room can move all the Objects remaining in it as normal. However, if The Key leaves the room and the door to The Room is closed, everything inside The Room will reset, meaning that all Objects will go back to its original place and any item that wasn’t in The Room during The Event will just vanish. This is precisely what happened to Detective Joe Miller’s daughter as she was left inside The Room by accident.

Being a Sci-Fi/SyFy Channel miniseries, The Lost Room didn’t have a particularly large budget and it kind of shows. But it actually adds to the charm because it makes the world more realistic. Sure, there are cults and billionaires with hire mercenaries that are trying to collect The Objects that can do incredible things in The Lost Room… but the show does all of it in such a way that it does feel incredibly natural. It feels logical that there would be these people who would want to hunt down fantastical items, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want a pencil that can make pennies from out of nowhere?

Sadly, The Lost Room, despite it being an incredibly creative and fun show, never got the recognition it deserved. The show generally polarized critics. Some people enjoyed the premise and loved the twists and turns. Others just felt it to be a confusing story, lacking in any real personality. Also, not many people actually got to watch the show. I myself only watched it because it was shown on Star World, a local cable channel. I even distinctly remember that I was the only one in my family that watched the entire thing because everyone else in my home was so disinterested with it.

It’s a shame, really. The Lost Room was a brilliant show and I can’t really figure out why it didn’t find an audience. Maybe a part of the reason was because it was on the Sci-Fi Channel, which was mostly known for shows like Battlestar Galactica and Andromeda. Or it just could be really poor promotion and no one even knew it was on. Whatever the reason may be, The Lost Room is a show that really deserves a little more popularity than it currently gets. As far as I know, The Lost Room is actually on Netflix, buried among the thousands of shows the streaming service has in it’s library. If you do have a Netflix account or just the ability to watch The Lost Room, I really recommend that you do give it a watch. It’s an incredibly underrated miniseries and just a fun show.

Have you seen The Lost Room? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!


One thought on “Re-Finding The Lost Room Miniseries

  1. I loved this show – from what I understand the SciFi channel passed on it for Warehouse 13. This disappointed a lot of people including myself. The rights were then sold to Red Room (a comic book company) with plans to adapt the franchise into a graphic novel. For unknown reasons, they too scrapped the idea but retained the rights. Frustratingly, the rights for Lost Room remain with that company who has since announced they have no plans for the franchise. I guess that’s how amazing ideas die – in the hands of incompetent executives without any capacity for imagination.

    There is an interesting reddit post by Christopher Leone (one of the Lost Room creators) where he explained his plan for the series. He also mentions a film called ‘Parallels’ (which may or may not still be on Netflix) that he created which I thought was just as interesting as Lost Room.

    Makes me sad that the franchise is essentially dead but I’m still holding out hope it will turn into something amazing!

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