Three Failed Gimmick Games that Would Work Today

The problem with being ahead of your time? You might not have the technology to make whatever you’re thinking up to snuff.

Here are five video games that didn’t work before but should today.


New Post on Gamemoir!

Hi again everyone! A new post I wrote has just been posted on Gamemoir! It’s a list of four “non-mainstream” games I believe would actually work with Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect peripheral. Please give it a read! Here’s a direct link: Four Obscure Games That Would Be Better With Kinect

More thoughts on the Xbox One

It’s been a week since Microsoft made a big presentation of their upcoming console, the Xbox One. While I’ve already given my impressions on the press conference the day it happened, more information regarding this next generation console have been leaking out to the public. I’d like to give my thoughts and impressions on them.…

Say hello to the Xbox One (and my thoughts on it)

Microsoft just finished their press conference revealing their next generation console, the Xbox One (not a number but the word itself). The press conference didn’t really show the games but the ones that they did show were pretty impressive (which I’ll get into later).┬áThe press conference mostly covered the power and the non-gaming features that…