Six Characters Surprisingly Not Appearing in Street Fighter 6

At the start of June, Capcom officially revealed gameplay footage of Street Fighter 6 as well as put up its gaming mechanics on the official website. They also invited a lot of prominent gamers from within the fighting game community to test the game to get feedback as well as drive hype for the game. It was expected Capcom was going to trickle out more details in the future, such as what the story will focus on and who’s going to be selectable when the game is launched next year.

But, wouldn’t you know it? It looks like they couldn’t keep a secret as it looks like the entire Street Fighter 6 roster was leaked out on precisely the same day they showed the gameplay trailer! Either someone over at Capcom royally screwed up. Or was it their plan all along. Whatever the reason, the public got their hands on what is reportedly the complete roster for Street Fighter 6. Some of the extra details, such as Ken’s supported backstory hasn’t been confirmed but, even with that, it looks like this is going to be the actual characters who are going to be selectable in Street Fighter 6.

There were a few names I was shock who made the cut. Characters like E. Honda and Dee Jay were kind of a pleasant surprise. Some characters, like Ed, despite not exactly having a huge fanbase, were kind of expected to show up as they did feature heavily in previous entries. However, I was actually astonished that some characters are not a lock to be a part of Street Fighter 6’s starting roster for one reason or another. So, as this is the sixth numbered entry of the Street Fighter series, let’s go look as some characters who were surprisingly left out of the game’s roster.

Abel (Street Fighter IV)

I kind of thought he was a shoo-in to be in the next game. Guess I was wrong.

Fans have sort of forgotten all about Abel, haven’t they? In fact, the only new character from Street Fighter IV to have hit the big time is Juri, who was introduced much later in the game’s lifespan. From what I know, Abel was supposed to be one of the new main characters alongside Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile. Well, I’m basing that from his backstory as it’s heavily implied he’s a Seth clone but it’s never really confirmed and all we know he’s an amnesiac who wants to take down Shadaloo. While Abel’s first appearance is in Street Fighter IV, he actually pops up again in Street Fighter V during the A Shadow Falls story as he disguises himself as a Shadaloo soldier to get info on M. Bison’s plans.

I say is surprising Capcom didn’t decide to bring Abel back in Street Fighter 6 because of his prominence in Street Fighter IV and his cameo appearance in Street Fighter V. For him to just fade away after being pushed to the forefront as somewhat of a hero seems weird. Also, we never did get closure to his story as his past has yet to be revealed. It is heavily suggested that newcomer Mimi will play like Abel as she seemed to be dressed like him. But why not just use Abel if that’s the case?

Speaking of supposed main characters…

Alex (Street Fighter III)

Kind of forgot he was slated to be the next main character, didn’t we?

When Street Fighter III was originally being developed, Capcom thought it was a good idea to go with a totally new roster. As this meant no returning characters, someone had to take top billing as the game’s new main character. It was decided it was going to be Alex, a fighter blessed with strong fighting ability and with deep knowledge of wrestling moves. Capcom, after getting feedback from playtesters, eventually got cold feet regarding the decision to only have new characters so they quickly plugged in Ryu and Ken. While Alex was still a main character of sorts, he was generally overshadowed by the returning Shotokan karate fighters.

The biggest reason why I’m surprised Alex isn’t part of Street Fighter VI is, like Abel, he was supposed to be a big deal. Also, as Street Fighter 6 takes place after the events of Street Fighter III, wouldn’t it make sense to see what arguably the main character from that game is up to? Wouldn’t you want to see what he’s been doing since then?

Sagat (Street Fighter II)

Sure, he isn’t out for Ryu’s blood anymore. But he should still be part of Street Fighter 6.

I’ve already stated that I’m happy that all of the original eight World Warriors from Street Fighter II are returning in Street Fighter 6. I’m even surprised a character like Dee Jay got in! I’m not a huge Dee Jay fan but I’m going to trust Capcom as they may have an ace up their sleeve to make me like the smiling Jamaican kickboxer. Speaking of kickboxing, though, it’s a shock that the King of Muay Thai, Sagat, wasn’t also part of the characters returning from Street Fighter II.

I guess story-wise, it does make some sense. As Street Fighter 6 takes place after Street Fighter III, ages after the events of Street Fighter V, Sagat must have mellowed out a whole lot from his bloodthirsty ways. But his Street Fighter V’s story mode hints he now has a goal to be Ryu’s rival. So why not continue that storyline? Besides, it does feel kind of weird whenever Sagat isn’t part of the the Street Fighter roster. I mean, remember Street Fighter III?

Cody (Street Fighter Alpha)

From vigilante to prisoner to Mayor. What a journey Cody has had.

I wasn’t a big fan of the swerve Capcom gave Cody as they made him a criminal who would break out of prison once in a while to get a few fights in. It just rubbed me the wrong way that one of the heroes that saved Metro City from the Mad Gear’s crime wave would be his undoing. Capcom did return Cody some dignity as it’s shown in Street Fighter V that he, after being released from prison and with help from Mike Haggar, was able to turn his life around and become the Mayor of Metro City.

The reason why I’m shocked Cody isn’t a playable character in Street Fighter 6 from the start is that the game’s story mode is supposedly held in Metro City! It only seems fair to have the Mayor of Metro City be selectable, doesn’t it?

Urien (Street Fighter III)

Where’s my speedo wearing fighter in Street Fighter 6?

While he wasn’t the main antagonist of Street Fighter III (that honor goes to his brother Gill), Urien does still feature heavily throughout that game and even Street Fighter V. In Street Fighter V, he’s the one who brings Charlie Nash back to life as a tool to take down M. Bison and Shadaloo. In Street Fighter III, he plots against his brother with the goal to become the head of the Illuminati.

So, as Street Fighter 6 takes place right after the events of Street Fighter III, shouldn’t we see what happened to one of the game’s main players? It wouldn’t make sense to see what happened to Gill as you can kind of derive what happened through the various endings. But you don’t really see what happened to Urien. As someone who figured heavily with the Illuminati, the group pulling the strings behind Street Fighter III’s tournament, it would logically make sense he should also rear his head in the next chronological entry.

Sakura (Street Fighter Alpha)

If there was a time for Sakura to return, it would be Street Fighter 6.

Sakura has always been strongly linked to Ryu. As a fangirl, she always looked up to the wandering warrior and was even trained in the same style as Ryu. Granted, the one who taught Sakura was Dan but she managed to make it her own. She and Ryu have crossed paths throughout the Street Fighter games. And every time they’ve run into each other, Sakura has always tried to get Ryu to train her but the latter has always rebuffed the former because he felt he wasn’t ready.

Well, shouldn’t Ryu be ready by the time Street Fighter 6 rolls around? I mean, even though Ryu says he “isn’t quite there” yet, a lot of things have already happened to him. He’s banished the Satsui no Hado from himself. He even dons his master Gouken’s robe in his honor. So, wouldn’t it be time for Ryu to finally take the next step and take on a pupil? And the only person who would fit that role would be Sakura!

BONUS: M. Bison (Street Fighter II)

Yes, I know Shadaloo is dunzo by Street Fighter 6… but hear me out.

Yes, M. Bison was officially dusted by the end of Street Fighter V’s A Shadow Falls story mode. Shadaoo has crumbled to the ground and M. Bison should be no more. However, Street Fighter 6 does feature Ed, who is supposed to be another vessel for M. Bison in case of his untimely demise. So, why wouldn’t you have Ed face off against M. Bison with control over his body at stake? It only seems logical to me.

Who else do you think should have been in Street Fighter 6’s starting roster? Let me know in the comments section below!


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