Five Lesser Known But Very Impactful Quotes from Geek Media

This is kind of a shameless plug but, besides writing for this site, I also maintain a whole other site that’s also about geeky stuff. It’s called My Geek Wisdom and it’s basically where I try to collate a whole lot of quotes from all of geekdom. Be it from movies, television shows, cartoons, video games, comics and even just stuff from the Internet, at My Geek Wisdom, I’ll get a quote from them and try to derive some lesson or a bit of “wisdom” from it.

Of course, you’ve got some of the more popular quotes that a lot of geeks know, such as the entire “With great power comes great responsibility” from Spider-Man or “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine” from Star Wars. However, there are some lesser known quotes out there that haven’t really got their dues for one reason or another. Maybe they’re not really that quotable or seem to be a throwaway line. That doesn’t mean they’re still not inspiring in their own way. So, to try to shine a spotlight on them, here are five of some lesser known quotes from geek media that are a little more motivational that you may think.

The controls are online. The switch — and consequences — are yours.” (from Mass Effect 2)

This is actually the quote that inspired me to put together this entire list. Now, I love me some Mass Effect but I do have a soft spot for Mass Effect 2 specifically. It was the first game in the series I played and I was bowled over with how well put together the game was. The series has had some really memorable lines but the quote that really hit me hard was when you’re given the option to revive the tank-bred krogan you’ve rescued.

As the entire Mass Effect series has always been about the choices you make and how they impact the story, it does feel incredibly apt. However, it’s not just the choices in video games that alter their stories. It’s the choices we make in our real life that makes a huge difference in what path we take. It is kind of sad how, despite being a really good quote, not many people think it to be quotable.

It always ends. That’s what gives it value.” (from Death: The High Cost of Living)

It’s actually kind of weird that I knew about Neil Gaiman’s Death character before I even set my eyes on any of The Sandman comics. My first real introduction to the character was a drawing of her in a school newspaper. Even after that, the first time I saw her in an actual DC comic wasn’t in The Sandman but in the Death: The High Cost of Living graphic novel. I’m sort of glad I did because it’s probably what made the quote so memorable to me.

Yes, it’s emo. Doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

As I was in my late teens when I read the graphic novel, I really didn’t think so much about life and I thought I have so many years ahead of me. Well, it’s been a good three decades since then so I was right! Still, the quote stating how precious life is and we have to savor our time in the world really resonated with me when I read it. I do try to squeeze in as much in life as I can because I did realize we’re only in this world for a limited time.

It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.” (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)

I really do have to thank my high school friend for introducing Star Trek to me. Specifically, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Without him, I wouldn’t have been introduced to this vast universe where starships would go where not man has gone before. There are actually a ton of quotes to pull from Star Trek, especially from Captan Jean-Luc Picard. Probably my most favorite life lesson of his would be the one he gave Lt. Commander Data who, despite being an android with a highly evolved positronic brain, kept losing to a biological being in a video game, leading him to doubting his decision making skills.

This quote always reminds me how life can be unfair at times. We can do everything perfectly and it can still be all in vain at the end. The point is to try. This did help me try out different things, including putting together 3rd World Geeks! The quote has always encouraged me to try different things. Thanks for the inspiration, Captain!

But I like having low self-esteem. It makes me feel special.” (from Daria)

One of my favorite shows during my young adult days was MTV’s Daria. She was introduced in Beavis and Butt-head but they totally revamped her and the entire art style when they spun her off to her own show. I guess one of the reasons why I like the show is because I partially identify with Daria. She doesn’t really like being “normal” and the people around her always think of her as weird. It’s kind of stupid because, well, we all try to say everyone’s special and unique yet society always tries to make us conform to social standards. That’s probably another reason why I love Jane Lane’s quote about her supposed low self-esteem so much.

I really love what an oxymoron the entire quote is. Yet I’ve always derived some truth from it as well because we do have to love and accept our strengths as well as our weaknesses. We are an amalgamation of them and it’s all of these things combined that makes us who we are. Yes, I try to improve on the negative bits but I also accept them as they helped me become the person I’ve become as well.

I collect spores, molds and fungus.” (from Ghostbusters)

Another really quotable movie has to be Ghostbusters. Despite this fact, I’ve always found it difficult to find some kind of “wisdom” I can pull from the film. I did eventually find a really good quote from it, though. While it’s probably well-known in the geek community because it comes from Egon Spengler, the resident scientific “nerd” of the crew, I do think it’s something everyone can resonate with as it does involve having an odd hobby.

I mean, everyone should be able to relate to having a weird hobby or enjoying something that just seems really strange to everyone else. That doesn’t mean you should stop it, though. If you’re not hurting anyone or anything, then hobby away, I say!

What are some of your favorite but lesser known geeky quotes from movies, television shows, video games, comics and the like? Let me know in the comments section below!


One thought on “Five Lesser Known But Very Impactful Quotes from Geek Media

  1. I always related to Daria too, but you are so right about societal expectations. We have such a wide community of people online that try to make people feel okay with embracing who they are, quirks and all. We try to make each other feel less alone, less “weird” by proving there are a bunch of us out there but then we have tv shows, commercials and such proving that different is weird and it’s just unfortunate to me that there are a variety of people who miss out on life by not being “weird” enough, not being themselves.

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