Five “Award Worthy” Moments from the Game Awards 2021

Last week, the annual Game Awards was shown and… it was something, I guess. I mean, props to Geoff Keighley for actually getting something as big as this launched, much less for several years. But honestly, for me anyway, it was just kind of there this year. I did watch it but I basically watched it with a whole lot of apathy because, maybe with Resident Evil Village being the exception, none of the games that were nominated this year really grabbed my attention. Blame it on the difficulty on getting a PlayStation 5 or a high end PC so I couldn’t play most of the bigger titles. Or your can blame it on my love for the single player experience so games like It Takes Two, the eventual winner Game of the Year for 2021, didn’t really click for me. Even though half of the Game Awards were all trailers for upcoming games, I just couldn’t get all excited for anything that happened during the almost four hour show!

Still, that didn’t mean I thought this year’s Game Awards program was a total wash. There were some things and moments that did grab my attention and amused me. And I think these little moments do deserve their own awards. So, since the Game Awards is all about highlighting the best gaming has to offer and awarding them with titles like “Game of the Year,” “Best Action Adventure Game” and “Content Creator of the Year” and whatnot, I’d like to do the same and award the more amusing moments I had while watching The Game Awards this year.

Most Deserving Winner: Maggie Robertson for winning Best Performance

Like I said at the start, the only horse I had in the race was Resident Evil Village. It was the only game in 2021 that I really wanted to win some kind of award. I knew it wasn’t going to win Game of the Year because, call my psychic, I predicted It Takes Two was going to win. But I still wanted Resident Evil Village to get some recognition. Thankfully, it did and it was only fitting Maggie Robertson won Best Performance for her portrayal of the sensational and meme-worthy character, Lady Dimitrescu.

I honestly would’ve be incredibly upset if Maggie Robertson didn’t win Best Performance because she made the game a must have before they actually showed how great the game was. You could say it was Lady Dimitrescu’s *ahem* ample character model that helped a lot in attracting a lot of attention towards Resident Evil Village. But you also have to commend Maggie Robertson, the woman behind the voluptuous vampire, for giving the character her personality and swagger. Out of all the awards given during the Game Awards, she was the one who I really wanted to win so I’m definitely grateful that it happened.

Most Disappointing World Premiere: Wonder Woman

One thing we can always expect from the Game Awards are trailers. Lots and lots and lots of trailers. I can’t blame companies wanting to hawk their upcoming games on the show because, possibly next to E3, it is the most prominent time for video games. You can bet thousands of gamers tune in to the Game Awards each year so why not try to show off your upcoming creation on it? However, you do gotta temper the expectations of the viewers. Which is what Geoff Keighley tried to do by hyping up some upcoming game and glad nothing about it was leaked online! What was this marvelous game that was going to blow everyone’s mind? Was it the new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part II? Actual gameplay footage of Starfield? What was it?

It was Wonder Woman.

Now, the teaser didn’t really show anything besides showing off Wonder Woman’s character model up close so there’s no way to tell what kind of game it’s going to be. It’s also impossible to tell if it’s going to be any good or bad. But what I can tell you is that I was very disappointed at the reveal and I blame Geoff Keighley for that.

Yes, he only blurted out a few sentences at how he was relieved no one leaked the Wonder Woman trailer but, honestly, was there anything to leak? All the teaser showed was the protagonist and nothing else! Also, I can’t really think of anyone who was eager to play a Wonder Woman game now because, well, the second movie wasn’t that good and the third film is still way in the works. So announcing an upcoming Wonder Woman game does nothing for me and the gaming world at large right now.

Best Musical Performance During the Game Awards: The Electric Guitar Playing Girl

The Game Awards had a good chunk of its almost four hours devoted to musical performances. You had the amazing Horizon II: Forbidden West song with that singer’s first time in the United States. There’s the do-wop trio promoting Cuphead. Imagine Dragons had a good chunk of time devoted to their performance. They even got freakin’ Sting to sing “What Could Have Been” from Arcade live on stage!

But none of those performances can compare to that one freaky girl playing electric guitar when the Game Awards orchestra played a medley of songs from the Game of the Year winners.

Maybe it’s because, even during the panoramic shots, she tends to stand out on stage. I mean, everyone else in the Game Awards orchestra is wearing black and dressing all dapper. But even if though electric guitar playing girl is tucked away on the very edge of the right side of the stage, she’s very visible with her weird platform show, fluffy blouse and striped pants. She’s also is given a whole lot of freedom to rock out and enjoy the music she’s playing as she doesn’t have to act all demure like the rest of them. It’s almost like she wandered on stage, guitar in hand, and started playing with the orchestra!

And to cement how memorable electric guitar playing girl in your memory is how she hams it up for the camera during the Deathloop segment of the song. We get this really close up shot of her playing just three chords but doing it in such a wonderfully cheesy manner. I don’t know who she is but she deserves some kind of award for whatever she’s doing on stage!

Best Tease with Coincidental Payoff: Guillermo Del Toro “loves” Silent Hill

It started out innocent enough. Hideo Kojima wasn’t at the Game Awards but he went ahead and showed a trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming film, Nightmare Alley. After the trailer, it segued to Guillermo Del Toro and him presenting the award for Best Art Direction. Simple enough but the Oscar winning director just had to slyly say a game that has great art direction is… Silent Hill.

Of course, it just so happened that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro were just a couple of the people who were involved with PT and the cancelled Silent Hills game! I bet a lot of gamers watching at that moment were like me and was expecting some gigantic surprise like a new Silent Hill game with the both of them involved was in the works! Well, it was nothing of the sort as it appears it was just a wink and a nod to the situation they were involved in. So, thanks for the quick tease, Guillermo Del Toro!

On a side note, it does appear there will be a new Silent Hill-esque game in the works but not involving Kojima and Del Toro. However, that was revealed before Guillermo Del Toro’s tease. The upcoming Slitherhead is being worked on by a couple of Silent Hill veterans. The game is being directed by Keiichiro Toyama and the music is being composed by Akira Yamaoka. So it is kind of weird how people forgot about Slitherhead, a game made by the folks who made the original Silent Hill games the instant Guillermo Del Toro simply said that he likes Silent Hill’s art direction.

The “You Tried But It Didn’t Work Out” Award: Amanda Waller storms The Game Awards to a smattering of applause

In every big game related show, there’s always got to be one cringe-worthy moment. Sometimes, it’s nobody’s fault. A bit might look good on paper and has the potential to be this really awesome, show-stopping moment but falls flat. Even when everything is executed perfectly, there’s no assurance it will land with the impact you expect.

This is what I felt when Debra Wilson, dressed up as Amanda Waller from the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Look, I can’t really see what went wrong with this. Debra Wilson does sound like how I would picture Amanda Waller should sound. And I would assume the audience packed in the Microsoft Theater at the time would, at the very least, know the character because of the movies and, more importantly, the comics. But for some odd reason, it’s like they didn’t. Even after she gave her booming introduction specifically saying she’s Amanda Waller, there was nary a cheer nor a clap. And there was even a pause right after like she was expecting riotous applause! Even when she walked off offstage, the cheers weren’t as loud as I expected them to be.

Maybe there was just a sound mixing error during the stream and they muted out the cheers or something like that. While not exactly cringeworthy in my book, it did feel like the live audience thought it was. It just seemed like the entire segment wasn’t as big as it was supposed to be.

What other moments from the Game Awards 2021 you think deserves an award? Let me know in the comments section below!


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