Five (Somewhat) Inconsequential Questions from Free Guy

I really enjoyed Free Guy. As a gamer, I appreciate all of the little Easter Eggs they included like the Portal gun, MegaMan’s Buster Arm and even the Fortnite glider… and I don’t even like Fortnite! It does show that the people behind the film has a better understanding of the culture and the target community than a lot of movies devoted to video games. More importantly, the film itself, with a fairly good story and some really fantastic performances, comes off as very entertaining. It’s a good way to spend a couple of hours in my book.

But, as much as I like Free Guy, I still have a few questions about the film. Now, whenever I do these kinds of lists, I usually just mention the more minute and inconsequential bits from the film. This will be the exception because there is one rather huge plot point I do want to talk about and it is something that does move the film forward. And I think not many people really spotted it because, while it’s not exactly hidden, it’s occurs during a big emotional moment. So, this time around, this list will be mostly tackling the more inconsequential questions that did pop up in Free Guy but I’ll also be leaving the more substantial question at the end.


Why are all the female players obsessed with Guy’s appearance?

So, I guess we’re all even now when it comes to objectifying video games characters now?

One of the things I love about Free Guy is how they actually got some popular video game streamers to comment on what’s happening. They do talk about the phenomenon that is Blue Shirt Guy, Ryan Reynolds’ character, and how he’s been doing good deeds, like saving NPCs and stopping the other players from performing heinous acts. But am I the only one who finds it weird how the female streamers just love to focus on how cute or how they’d get it on with him?

Look, I get it. Ryan Reynolds is a snack and a lot of females, gamer or otherwise, find him attractive. I also do get that males do objectify female video game characters as well. I guess this is just normal behavior but I just found it interesting how Pokimane… and that unknown trio of supposed gamers which included a couple of girls… just loved how physically attractive Blue Shirt Guy’s polygons (not pixels!) form.

Speaking of Guy performing good deeds…

Are you saying no one ever picked the “good guy” route while in Free City?

It took an NPC to try something different, I see.

It’s easy to find a lot of parallels between Free City and Grand Theft Auto Online. After all, the latter mainly has you committing robberies, killing NPCs for the heck of it, getting into squabbles with other players and trying to evade the police. However, in Free City, there appears to be another way to play the game and still make your character stronger than doesn’t seem to appear in Grand Theft Auto Online. That’s because in Free City, you can play as a more heroic and altruistic character and still get rewarded for it.

But no one ever has tried this? No one ever in the history of Free City has tried to play as the good guy? I find that hard to believe. And with good reason.

Sure, in games like Grand Theft Auto, wherein you can only really get to high levels by doing the missions, which usually revolve around criminal acts, most players will take this route. But there is always going to be a breed of gamer who’ll take the more non-violent route. In World of Warcraft, you have examples of Noor the Pacifist, who only took quests which didn’t involve any killing, and Everbloom, who got to level 85 just by exploring the world and gathering items. Even in the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto games, some gamers have been more creative than just slaughtering people as some have even made nature documentaries using the game. Why? Because it’s fun!

Because of this, I simply can’t believe that there hasn’t been a single heroic sunglasses-wearing individual in Free City ever. I can’t believe that Blue Shirt Guy would be the first person to try saving citizens from the carnage other players commit. There would have to be someone who has tried this, especially if this is supposedly the most popular online game in the world. Some crazy person would’ve tried to break the mold by that time.

Oh, and speaking of sunglasses-wearing individuals…

What happens to a player’s avatar if they lose their sunglasses?

It’s the most important piece of gear you have in Free City, apparently.

In one of Free Guy’s earliest scenes, Guy stops one of the gamers who routinely attempts to rob the bank he works in. Guy manages to get a hold of the robber’s sunglasses and, when he puts it on, he literally sees the world of Free City in a whole different way. He can now see the missions, health packs and even start doing missions himself.

However, I do have to ask, what happens to the player who loses their sunglasses? I mean, it’s the gamer’s link to the world, right? Is the player simply getting an error message until he or she logs out to reset the avatar? Can they still play the game but, when they do, they can’t see the familiar markings and basically view the world the same way the NPCs view Free City? Or are they permanently out of the game, unable to log back in because they need the glasses?

I’m asking this because Free Guy never shows us what happens to these players. Are the two little girls unable to play the game anymore? What about the second roober Guy disarms? It says his heads-up display is deactivated. Does that mean he’ll get them back in the future? If he does, when? Or does the kid have to file a bug report?

Speaking of equipment players get…

Why are gamers so surprised when Guy uses Marvel and Star Wars gear?

At least they put their acquisition by Disney to good use.

Near the climax of the film, Guy battles Dude, an unfinished character who’s basically a stronger and buffer version of Guy. During the fight, Guy uses the sunglasses to go through his inventory. While we’ve seen references to other video games throughout the film, like MegaMan’s Buster Arm, the Portal gun and the Scorpion tank from Halo, this time Guy pulls out Captain America’s shield and a Star Wars lightsaber. He even hulks up one of his arms to mimic The Incredible Hulk. And the gamers who were watching this all around the world were surprised with what Guy has in his arsenel.

But why would they be surprised if Guy has these items? I mean, just because Guy is an NPC, that doesn’t mean he has access to items that are not supposed to be in the game, right? All of the items Guy owns should be items anyone in the game can purchase or there should be a questline for them to get them, right? So if Guy pulls out a lightsaber, it shouldn’t be surprising to a lot of them because, well, they should have been made available at an earlier date! It shouldn’t be amazing if a player has Captain America’s shield because it’s something you can earn!

I get it’s supposed to be a nice little nod and Ryan Reynolds and company using their connection with Disney to give viewers this moment. But for the players who have been playing Free City for a long time and have leveled up their characters and completed numerous quest, it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Oh, and speaking of things that should be surprising to Free City players…

When did they add the “kiss” button?

Whenever I make one of these lists, I usually put in the more nitpicky things I find about the movie. It’s more of a tongue-in-cheek collection of observations about the film that has no bearing on the overall plot. However, this is the exception.

In the middle of the film, Guy manages to talk to Molotov Girl, the player-avatar he mysteriously fallen in love with. Both of them start talking and Guy kisses Molotov Girl, which surprises Millie, the gamer who controls her. It’s surprising because there shouldn’t be an option that allows for this!

So, at this point, Millie and her friend Keys realize there’s something different about Guy and that he’s more than just a player in an NPC skin. They eventually figure out he’s the proof of the AI game concept they developed years ago before the program and the technology was purchased by Antwan, the CEO of Soonami.

Later on, with Blue Shirt Guy gaining popularity and putting a damper on how the game is being played, Antwan orders the servers to be rebooted, seemingly erasing Guy’s memory. With the game about to be scrapped, Millie uses Molotov Girl to bring Guy out of the bank and, in a desperate attempt to get Guy’s memories back, Molotov Girl kisses him.

But how did Millie get Molotov Girl to do that? The film earlier establishes there isn’t a command to do kiss another player, let alone an NPC! This should be impossible based on the rules the movie states! I guess it’s possible Millie and Keys programmed it in just for this moment and they just didn’t show it. More likely, it’s just a plot hole and not many people noticed it because it was a feel-good moment. My money’s on the latter.

Have any other (somewhat) inconsequential questions from Free Guy? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!


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