Episode 423: Five Inconsequential Questions from Black Widow


Wow! Who would’ve thought the biggest question to come out of Black Widow is “how much is Disney going to shell out to stop the lawsuit Scarlett Johansson filed for breech of contract?” With a movie filled with numerous plot holes, it’s the real life drama regarding the star and the studio that’s getting the most attention.

However, I would rather concentrate on the lighter, more film-centric of Black Widow and focus on some of the questions which did pop into my head while I was watching it. A lot of them generally were about why, since Black Widow is a prequel, weren’t some of the characters who appeared here didn’t show up in things like Avengers: Infinity War. I would assume Black Widow would’ve enlisted the help of Red Guardian or her sister Yelena to assist with the impending Thanos invasion. That was no time to pull any punches, Natasha!

As per usual, these questions are going to be innocuous but still were rather interesting. So, let’s go through just five inconsequential questions from Black Widow.

Oh, and since I’ll be talking about specific plot points from the film, I’m putting up the SPOILER WARNING now, okay? You have been warned.

#1 How many trackers does Black Widow have on her?

At the start of the film, we get a tense scene seeing General “Thunderbolt” Ross tracking down Natasha Romanoff using a device which was implanted in her body ages ago. It turns out Black Widow knew about the device and took it off her body already, leading Ross and his troops on a wild goose chase with Natasha already a country away.

However, this isn’t the only tracker she has on her, apparently. Later, near the climax of the film, Black Widow states, after they take down the Red Room, she’ll activate another tracker in order to get General Ross to come to her location. So, my question is, how many trackers does she actually have on her person?

I get the government attaching multiple trackers on Black Widow. Even though she defected to the United States, she was still an enemy combatant with superior martial arts, combat and espionage skills. She was also a former elite spy so I get they would want to keep Black Widow on a short leash. I get that. What I don’t get is how she’s able to activate and deactivate them at will. Also, she had to remove one of them in order to escape. So why didn’t she remove all of them? Was she expecting for this kind of situation to happen in the future?

Speaking of tracking…

#2 How did Taskmaster find Black Widow and the Red Dust canisters?

After escaping General Ross, Black Widow goes to hide in the wilderness in Norway. She receives a sealed package which was sent to one of her old safehouses in Budapest. When the generator of her trailer runs out of gas, she takes her car into the city. She is then attacked by Taskmaster and she barely manages to fend the person off. Realizing her attacker was after the package, which was actually the Red Dust, a powder that can remove the brainwashing effects of Black Widows, goes back to Budapest to look for clues.

That’s all well and good but how did Taskmaster actually locate the Red Dust to this remote location? I would assume they used, say it with me, trackers to locate the Red Dust vials. However, I would guess Yelena, who sent to vials to the safehouse, and the guy who actually gave the package to Black Widow would have scanned the box for possible devices, including tracking devices.

So, assuming the package was clean, how did Taskmaster find it in a remote location in Norway? Not only that, Taskmaster managed to track it down while it was moving! How the heck did she do that?

Since I would like to talk about tracking again…

#3 Why does everyone know where everyone is?

At the start of the film, we do see a little of Natasha Romanoff’s history. She was part of a group of spies posing as a regular family. It was all staged but they did bond with each other as a real family eventually. Once their cover was blown and they had to flee to Cuba, the “family” was broken apart. However, even though they’ve been apart for decades already, somehow, they all know where everyone is!

First, Yelena knew about Natasha Romanoff’s safehouse in Budapest and, honestly, how safe is a safehouse if a lot of people know it’s a safehouse? Second, Black Widow and Yelena go to the prison where Red Guardian is being held. Why? That’s because Red Guardian knows where their “mother” is hiding out! How convenient for everyone!

It’s so weird how each and everyone knows where a specific person is, especially when you consider the amount of time has passed! I can sort of understand how Yelena, through the Red Room’s intelligence network, knew about Black Widow’s safehouse. I can even let go of Natasha knowing that Red Guardian’s been in a Russian gulag all these years because of her Avengers affiliation. What I can’t accept is Red Guardian knowing where Rachel Weisz’s character could be located! He’s been stuck in prison all those years and blacklisted by the Red Room so I can’t accept he would know where this super smart Red Room scientist/spy/operative would be found!

Speaking of the Red Guardian…

#4 Why did the “wife” keep the Red Guardian’s outfit with her?

After Natasha and Yelena break Red Guardian out of the Siberian prison, they quickly go to the last known location of their “mother” who just so happens to be one of the top operatives of the Red Room. It turns out she’s been hiding on a remote farm where she can do experiments on pigs and such. After a somewhat touching reunion, Red Guardian manages to find his old costume in a trunk. He manages to put it on, albeit with great difficulty, even though it “still fits”… kinda.

I do have to ask why the “wife” has the Red Guardian outfit with her in the first place. I get she might have a soft spot for the big lug and the outfit is just nostalgic. I just don’t understand why she would have it with her in such a remote place. I also don’t see how she managed to smuggle it out from whoever was holding the costume. I thought they brought it with them after they escaped to Cuba but, with SHIELD and the authorities hunting them down, I don’t think they had the time. Besides, it woudn’t make sense for a Russian secret agent like the Red Guardian to bring his costume to the United States, does it?

Speaking of equipment…

#5 Why does Taskmaster fight with a sword?

I like the idea behind Taskmaster. She basically doesn’t have any superpowers but what she can do is perfectly mimic the movements of other superheroes like Captain America, Black Panther, Hawkeye and even Black Widow herself. This is why she carries a circular shield, has claws on the tips of his gloves and a bow. Makes sense so far.

What I don’t get is why one of Taskmaster’s main weapons is a sword. As this is shortly after Civil War, none of the Avengers nor any of the villains they’ve faced have used swords. In the comics, Taskmaster’s sword fighting ability mostly comes from watching Moon Knight and that character hasn’t appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. I guess he could’ve picked it from Hawkeye but you only see him use a sword very, very briefly in Avengers: Endgame. So I’m clueless as to why Taskmaster uses a sword at that moment.

BONUS: Why do superheroes land like that?

Yeah, I’m with Yelena on this one. Why do superheroes do that weird 3-point stance when landing from a great height?

I’ve tried it… and it hurt my groinal area! Tuck and roll is less cool but much better!


Any other inconsequential questions you have from Black Widow? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Episode 423: Five Inconsequential Questions from Black Widow

  1. Yes, we have the same question as to how Taskmaster found the vials in Norway, or maybe, how did Taskmaster NOT find the vials until they were in Norway?
    Did you ever get an answer?

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