Five Inconsequential Questions from Cobra Kai (Season 3)

“Because it’s a silly television series based on a cheesy ’80s action movie franchise!”

The above statement would probably be the best answer to a lot of the questions that I have thought of after watching the third season of Cobra Kai. And, yes, I would even say it would be an acceptable answer. After all, are we all supposed to take a series about two men who had a feud in their teens and are now basically waging war against each other by teaching other karate all that seriously? I think not!

And while I did love Season 3 of Cobra Kai, I still think there are some questions that definitely stood out regarding some of the logic loopholes that happened all throughout its ten episode run on Netflix. Like I said, I’m not really taking these questions all that seriously… but I still have to ask them! So, here are just five inconsequential questions from the sequel series to the Karate Kid.

Oh, and since I’ll be talking about specific plot points, SPOILERS!

What happened to Johnny Lawrence’s Dodge Challenger?

In the first season of Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence’s car gets demolished by Daniel Larusso’s cousin and some thugs. Johhny then goes to Daniel’s house for some payback but Daniel’s wife defuses the situation by forcing Daniel to give Johhny a car. After all, they do own a very successful car dealership in the Valley. Johnny, of course, picks the 2008 Dodge Challenger, one of the beefiest cars of the time. This became his main mode of transportation throughout Season 2. He even gave it a custom paint job to reflect its Cobra Kai affiliation.

However, during Season 3, Johnny is less one Dodge Challenger. Apparently, he left it at the beach at the season finale of Season 2. That’s what I’m assuming as Johnny doesn’t seem to be driving it anymore. I guess he doesn’t want to as it does have the Cobra Kai logo on it and he’s technically not part of the dojo anymore. Or maybe he sold it to buy booze. Whatever the case may be, it’s never really explained what happened to his expensive car that he got for free from Daniel! I mean, if I were Johnny, I would’ve kept it just to lord it over Daniel for as long as possible!

Oh, and speaking of Daniel’s auto dealership…

Why was Daniel Larusso’s auto sales company back to normal after his trip to Japan?

One of the outcomes of the school brawl at the end of Season 2 was that Daniel’s auto dealership is now in financial trouble. It does make sense as students from his dojo was connected with it, specifically Robby Keene, who kicked Miguel Diaz off a second level and seriously injuring him. His company was in so much trouble that he almost sold it off when he found out Doyona, the Japanese company that exports him most of his vehicles, will be ending his contract because of the optics of the school brawl. This leads Daniel to go to Japan to try to salvage the relationship and, in a roundabout way and thanks to the events of the Karate Kid II, he does just that. Oh, and he also meets up with Kumiko and Chozen. He also learns a secret technique from Chozen, which is so anime, if you think about it.

Anyway, when Daniel returns home, his business is all better and thriving once more. Except… it really shouldn’t be.

I mean, no one was really buying anything from Larusso Autos not because they weren’t getting any Doyona cars. They weren’t buying any cars from Daniel’s company because of the reputation. So it really shouldn’t matter if Daniel secured a distribution deal from Doyona or any other company. His name is still poison because of the school brawl! After all, they even considered not holding the All Valley Karate tournament since karate has become a bad word in the town! So it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense as to why his business will suddenly be okay.

Oh, speaking of Robby Keene…

What was the point of Robby Keene getting bullied in juvie?

While Robby was on the run for a while, he was essentially tricked by Daniel to giving himself up and was sent to juvenile hall. Daniel meant well as this did give Robby a lighter sentence. Still, while in juvie, a group of hooligans begin bullying him. He does eventually gain their respect in, what else, a brawl.

After that, Robby does get released from juvie and… this entire secondary story is never heard from again. So, what was the entire point? I guess they had to write something in so that we can have Robby get some scenes while in juvie. It also gave the writers an excuse for John Kreese to talk to Robby all alone, without neither Daniel or Johnny to run interference. And it’s possible that the bullies will return in the next season and join Cobra Kai because they did start to respect Robby for not snitching on them.

But still, at this point in time, this entire thing was useless to Season 3. It might have worked if Robby started to revert back to his old delinquent ways because of the bullies’ bad influence. But for him to play a hero and then suddenly go to Cobra Kai doesn’t really make sense.

Oh, about John Kreese…

Shouldn’t Kreese be court martialed for killing his commanding officer?

I’m of two minds for giving the series antagonist, John Kreese, a backstory. He was much more of an enigmatic bad guy when you just had a vague notion of why he’s such a dick. But now, we know Kreese started out as a guy who wanted to stand up for the little guy and his mind did get somewhat poisoned by both his commanding officer and his time as a prisoner-of-war. His breaking point came when he was pitted against his commanding officer to fight to the death by his captors and his CO only informed him that the girl he loved back home died. The climax came when, even though they were imminently about to be rescued, he still threw his commanding officer into a pit of venomous snakes. No, they weren’t all cobras. I checked.

So, I know the CO was kinda getting his just desserts for being a crappy leader. But shouldn’t John Kreese be held up on charges for murdering his commanding officer. I mean, the other soldiers were in full view of what was happening and they could clearly see they were about to be rescued! Are you telling me that not one of the captured soldiers reported Kreese to get court martialed?

I guess none of them wanted to because their CO was that big of a jerk during their imprisonment. But it is rather unbelievable, if you really think about it.

And speaking of calling the authorities…

Why didn’t anyone call the police?

This is probably the biggest question throughout Season 3. There are multiple times when kids are assaulting other kids, kids stealing things and kids breaking into a private citizen’s home to beat up other kids. That last thing was from the final episode in the Larusso household, by the way.

All of this happened and no one is calling the police? Okay, let’s say the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do kids wouldn’t want to snitch. I would think other people who weren’t involved alert the police! Even if Demetri didn’t report Hawk for breaking his arm while in the hospital. I would think his parents would! Or what about the Cobra Kai stealing items from the arcade? I would be sure the owners would want the hooligans who robbed their inventory brought to justice. Heck, what about the carjackers Daniel and Johnny fought while they were searching for Robby? I didn’t see Daniel actually calling in the police to arrest them!

To be fair, the police were actually involved three times. The first is when Daniel called the police to inform them where Robby was. The second was, get this, reported by John Kreese because he wanted to file a restraining order against Daniel’s wife for hitting him! This made the third time, when the Larusso’s tried to report Kreese moot because the restraining order was in effect… because they didn’t call the police before Kreese did!

But really? What did I expect from a silly television series based on a cheesy ’80s action movie franchise?

Have any other inconsequential questions you thought of after watching Cobra Kai’s third season? Let me know in the comments section below!


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