Episode 284: Five Characters That Should NOT Return for Street Fighter V: Season 4


The end is nigh for this year’s Capcom Pro Tour series as the Top 32 will duke it out in a couple of week’s time. As an old season ends, a new one will begin. Not only will Street Fighter V get new balance patches and updates for Season 4, this also heralds a new group of fighters that will enter the ring!

Everyone has their picks on who they want to see come back from the previous games. I personally want to see guys like Sodom, Dan Hibiki and E. Honda join the Street Fighter V roster… but that would be a boring list. What’s more exciting to me is to pick the one I don’t want to come back! I think everyone has a general list of characters the positively hate and I really love those kinds of list. So, with that in mind, here are the 5 Street Fighter characters I don’t want to see come back in Season 4!

There are a few ground rules, by the way. First, they have to be tournament viable characters. So no overpowered monsters like Gill and Shin Akuma here! Also, I’ll try to limit this list to one character per sequel. If I didn’t, there would be a suspicious number of characters from Street Fighter III. Nothing against the game; I just don’t like the character designs from it.

Anyway, on to the list!

Necro (Street Fighter III series)

I actually was picking between Necro and Twelve from Street Fighter III as I really dislike them. Necro “won” out so he joins the list here.

To be honest, I can see Necro working well with the mechanics of Street Fighter V more than Twelve. Capcom would also have their work cut out for themselves to work Twelve’s “mimic his opponent” gimmick implemented in a way that it doesn’t feel too weak or too powerful based on who he’s facing. Additionally, Necro’s moveset is probably much better than the Illuminati shapeshifter and would work much like Dhalsim.

Unfortunately, that’s the problem. It’s either Necro will be a better version of the Yoga Master or a lamer version. So, there are going to be two outcomes if Capcom does include him in Street Fighter V. Either no one uses him because they would rather pick Dhalsim or Dhalsim main switch over to him. The former would be like what happened to Zangief when they introduced Abigail while the latter would be like Ryu players switching over to Akuma. Neither seems appealing so it’s much better if they don’t include Necro in Season 4.

2. Evil Ryu (various Street Fighter games)

While I’m almost sure Capcom will eventually include this version of the character, that doesn’t mean I wanna see Evil Ryu in Street Fighter V.

I understand Evil Ryu is a popular character because he’s a jacked up version of Street Fighter’s main protagonist, Ryu. That’s precisely the reason why I don’t want him in Season 4. Ryu has been virtually abandoned already thanks to Akuma. Remember when Evil Ryu was added in Super Street Fighter IV? Everyone switched over to him! Why would Capcom further make Ryu seem like a lame duck by adding Evil Ryu?

There is another reason why I wouldn’t want Evil Ryu in Season 4 and it’s more of a creative decision: I would rather Evil Ryu be something like a V-Trigger or new Critical Art for Ryu. Make Evil Ryu something that Ryu can turn into and buff out some of his moves temporarily instead of filling out one of the new character slots. Maybe we’ll see more people return to the character if Capcom did that!

3. El Fuerte (Street Fighter IV)

It’s super dynamic cooking… bleargh!

Right off the bat, I’ll say I find El Fuerte the least appealing new character from Street Fighter IV. I say he’s worse than Abel, Rufus and even Hakan! I get that lucha libre is big in some parts of the world. I like lucha libre wrestling’s face paced action as well. I just think Capcom got really lazy with designing El Fuerte. A masked Mexican wrestler who’s also a cook? How does that even make sense?

It’s not only his uninteresting design that makes me wanna keep him away from Street Fighter V’s Season 4. I still have nightmares facing off against El Fuerte because of his extremely strong mixup potential. You’ll be basically guessing whether to block high and low against him if Capcom does put him in the game and give him his Habanero Dash follow ups. It was already bad in Street Fighter IV. Imagine what it would be like in Street Fighter V, where you generally have to guess when you’re knocked down!

4. Juni and/or Juli (Street Fighter Alpha)

I have no beef with adding Bison’s Dolls to the lineup of Street Fighter V’s character selection… but let’s not go with Juni or Juli, okay Capcom?

There is a part of me that could see Juni and Juli working within Street Fighter V’s game mechanics. They would actually fit in quite well in the game. Juli’s V-Skill could make her use Psycho Charge Beta that would fill up her CA meter a bit. Juni could be dangerous with her Mach Slide command dash and her Earth Direct command throw. The issue I have is that most of their special moves would look like Cammy’s.

What I would rather happen is that Capcom makes the other Dolls that appear in Street Fighter V a full-fledged playable character. You can see some of the Dolls in action if you play through the A Shadow Falls story mode and some of them really look like a blast to play!

It’s not exactly that I don’t want to see Juli and Juni as a selectable character. It’s more that I want to see some of the other Bison’s Dolls get their time to shine. I would love to play as the gun-totting Fevrier, the katana wielding Satsuki or the spear throwing Santamu. They look like they could be fun characters to play as, don’t they? So I would rather one of them rather than Juli or Juni.

5. T. Hawk (Street Fighter II)

I like grapplers… but I don’t like T. Hawk.

I have no reason to actually hate T. Hawk. He’s been a part of the Street Fighter series since Super Street Fighter II. He’s a grappler and I actually enjoy playing as them (even though I will never main them). Even so, there’s just something about T. Hawk’s design that I dislike. I can’t really put my finger on it. He just seems… uninteresting overall.

His stoic personality just never grabbed me. Mind you, there are other unemotional characters like Nash in the game but I’m actually fine with them. I really don’t know why I don’t care for him. It’s a totally biased reason but, hey! It’s my list, right?

BONUS: Any of the Shadaloo Soldiers in Street Fighter V

You know those special missions where you can get bonus Fight Money or experience points? The ones where you have to fight something like a Silver or Gold Shadaloo solider?

Yeah, let’s not bother even attempting to make them their own characters, alright, Capcom? That would just be a waste of time and effort.


Who would you want to see return in Season 4 of Street Fighter V? Who would you not want to see? Let me know in the comments section below!


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