Five Inconsequential Questions for Incredibles 2

It was really busy over here at 3rd World Geeks last week because of E3. We devoted the entire week to covering practically all of the keynote shows and, unfortunately, some things apparently got lost in the shuffle. One of those things was the first day showing of Incredibles 2, a movie that I have been anticipating for more than a decade since Pixar gave us the first Incredibles film way back in 2004.

I have remedied this oversight and just watching Incredibles 2, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I did feel like Disney had to order Pixar to cut out a lot of content to make it not feel bloated with too many overlapping storylines. It was still a good film but just a smidge not as good as the first film. If you’re expecting a full-on review, I’ve decided not to do it since the film has been out for a while and I don’t think I have anything new to really say about the quality of Disney’s latest superhero flick. However, I do have a few questions about it. Nothing all that important… just some niggling questions that popped into my head while I was watching it.

So, without further ado, here are five inconsequential questions I have after watching Incredibles 2. Oh, and since I will be talking about some stuff that happened in the film, there will be SPOILERS ahead!

Question #1: What happened to the pizza guy?

One of the biggest weaknesses of Incredibles 2 is that it has a rather weak villain. You can say that, and remember, I said there were going to be SPOILERS, Evelyn Deaver was the main villain in the film but a good chunk of Incredibles 2 hints that a new villain called the Screenslaver was supposed to be the bad guy. Elastigirl does track down the “Screenslaver” and it turns out it was just a regular pizza guy that Evelyn set up to be the fall guy.

In the end, the Incredibles and the other heroes do reveal that Evelyn was the real Screenslaver so I’m guessing the pizza guy was released, right? Well, what happened to him? This may sound like a minor contrivance but this could be huge in the future. You have to remember that, in the first Incredibles film, the reason why superheroes are illegal in the first place was because of the “reckless” actions of superheroes.

Well, Elastigirl’s actions kind of led to the wrongful arrest of the wrong “Screenslaver.” This gives the pizza guy the option to sue Elastigirl for wrongful imprison! I know by the end of Incredibles 2 that the ban on superheroes was lifted but that doesn’t mean that the pizza guy has no right to correct a perceived wrong that was done to him.

Oh, while we’re on the topic of the Deavors…

Question #2: Does Winston and Evelyn Deavor know the Incredibles’ secret identities?

At the start of Incredibles 2, you can see Winston Deavor desperately wanting to contact the Incredibles and Frozone as he wants them to be the advocates that prove that having superheroes return is a good thing. He does get the message to them through Frozone and they conclude that that Elastigirl would be their best bet as she does the least amount of collateral damage. Elastigirl agrees and, in return, Winston gives her and her family a huge house to live in while she fights crime.

Now, I can get that Winston and Evelyn Deavor managed to figure out that Elastigirl was together with Mr. Incredible. After all, in their first time back in action against the Underminer, they were wearing the new red supersuits designed by Edna Mode (Side note: we really need to see a whole lot more of Edna Mode in the future). Apparently, they knew the super couple had kids because Evelyn sent the enslaved superheroes to capture them, remember? There would be no need for her to send them to the house since Mr. Incredible was already on his way to “save” Elastigirl unless it was to get Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack and hypnotize them as well, right? They could’ve figured it out during the battle against the Underminer but there’s no way they would’ve figured out that they were children, specifically their children.

Speaking of the Underminer…

Question #3: Is the Underminer still free?

The Incredibles 2 takes off right after the the events of the first film. After Dash intentionally gets second place in a track and field race, a giant drill pops out from under the ground and the Underminer makes his appearance. While this is where the first film ends, the second movie shows the actual battle against the Underminer.

The Incredibles try to stop the Underminer but are unsuccessful. In fact, they are blamed for all the chaos and the police think it would’ve been better if they didn’t try to help at all. Basically, the Underminer managed to get away and you never see him again.

Well, that sucks! So, are you telling me that the Underminer got away and the Incredibles didn’t find him? He’s still free out there then! Is he going to return in the future or did he take his stolen loot and move to a different country? I need answers!

Speaking of other countries…

Question #4: Did other countries ban superheroes?

The Deavors managed to track down a lot of powered individuals on their own despite them being in hiding but it was kind of stupid of me to assume that only the United States had superheroes.

In Incredibles 2, they clearly show that the other nations of the world had heroes of their own. You can clearly see the ambassadors from the different countries assemble on Winston Deavor’s boat to sign the law that lifts the ban on heroes. But why would ambassadors have to lift the ban on superheroes unless they were also affected by the superhero ban the United States imposed? So, does that mean the ban was worldwide? If so, how come the leaders of the other nations brought their own superheroes to the boat? I mean, that would mean that they knew about them, right? Also, so what if other countries want the United States to make superheroes legal again? Would the US government just cave in because other countries agree it’s a stupid law?

Speaking of other superheroes…

Question #5: How did Frozone know the new heroes were evil?

I like Frozone. He may be the odd man out in the Incredibles because he isn’t related to the Parr family by blood. He is a close friend of Mr. Incredible AKA Bob Parr so he’s close enough. Frozone got a lot more screen time in Incredibles 2 and he was featured in more action scenes. He even gets to show off his more protective side of the kids as he’s the one who fends off the heroes who were under Screenslaver’s control.

But how did Frozone even know they were under Screenslaver’s mind control in the first place? He had no reason to suspect them as bad guys yet, when he arrived to take care of the kids while Mr. Incredible left, it’s like he knew these costumed fellows were out to get them. I guess you can call it hero’s intuition and he just sensed that something was off with them but, much like Elastigirl’s powers, that seems like a stretch. See what I did there?

BONUS Question: What happened to Dicker?

You may not know who Rick Dicker is as he’s only in a few scenes in Incredibles 2 but he’s the Parr family’s government handler in the Superhero Relocation program. His job is to make sure that superheroes like Mr. Incredible and Elasigir’s powers are kept under wraps. But, if they do slip up, it’s his job to clear up the mess.

After the Underminer’s attack, the US government shuts down the Superhero Relocation program. This essentially puts Rick Dickard, out of the job. But, by the end, the United States made superheroes legal again. But what about Rick Dicker? Is he still out of a job? I mean, couldn’t you give him a happy ending at least?

Did you have any inconsequential questions after watching Incredibles 2? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!


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