The Brilliance of The Legend of Korra’s Final Scene

Whew! What a ride!

After 3 long years, The Legend of Korra finally ended. But it was a great 3 years. We saw Korra, after all the trials and pain she had to go through, finally became a more mellow Avatar. We saw all of the characters mature (partially because of the three year gap between Book Three and Book Four). The final two episodes, Day of the Colossus and The Last Stand, were fantastic and a great way to end the series.

But the best thing that happened was at the end…

It’s confirmed! Korrasami is real!

The pairing was met, astonishingly, with pretty much universal approval. Even the people that are fans of other pairings (or “ships” as the Avatar fans like to call them) are pretty much in favor of who Korra ended up with at the end of the series! I myself didn’t really care but when I saw the ending… wow! It made sense!

The writing of the entire series made the pairing seem like the logical outcome. Throughout the entire run of The Legend of Korra, you saw both Korra and Asami fight over the same boy, Mako. While they would still bicker over Mako fairly early in the series, they eventually became friends. Best friends. But just that, friends.

Looking back at previous episodes, you’d notice that Korra and Asami are together a lot. There was that time where Asami decided to teach Korra how to drive. Or that time Asami helped Korra practice her martial arts. Still pretty innocent and it was fun to watch how their friendship evolved. They were initially rivals for Mako’s affections. Now, they were the best of friends. These were two teenage girls helping each other out and, considering they were the only two girls of the same age in the show, it made perfect sense they would become close.



Then came the events in between Book Three (Change) and Book Four (Balance). Korra was poisoned and hurt badly during her fight with Zaheer. During this period, the rest of “Team Avatar” would send her letters. If you watch the scene closely, the first letter she reads was the letter from Asami. Makes sense, after all, they are best friends. After she regains the ability to walk again but is unable to enter the Avatar state, Korra writes to, who else, Asami. But the curious thing is, Korra specifically notes she hasn’t written to either Mako (her former boyfriend) or Bolin.

So, by the end of the entire series, after the last battle has been fought and they were celebrating Varrick and Zhu Li’s nuptuals, Asami makes the innocent comment that she wants to go on vacation. Korra jumps at the chance and says they should go on vacation together. And they do… into the Spirit World.

Korra and Asami hold hands as they walk into the Spirit portal. But, just before they’re transported, the both turn to each other and look longingly into each other’s eyes… And the show ends.

Honestly, it was a brilliant way to end the series… with an implied love between two female characters. I’m not being the least bit sarcastic when I say this. It was a thing of beauty. We all know what it meant and they didn’t have to be so “in your face” about the love Korra and Asami shared! It was perfect!

Of course, there are fans that wanted to see the two of them kiss to confirm the pair, like how Aang kissed Katara at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. But in that show, Aang openly displayed his feelings for Katara. So, at the end of The Last Airbender, having the two together at the end was fairly obvious.

But for the Legend of Korra, both Korra and Asami are just starting out. They never really fully expressed their feeling for each other. So, seeing they two all of a sudden make out would be really shocking and it wouldn’t be that realistic. And it makes the end much more sweet. Like young love. Seeing them kiss would be too blunt. Too… hard.

Is this what you wanted to see?

Is this what you wanted to see?

Besides, since they never showed the two of them kiss, it gave the producers and writers of The Legend of Korra an out. It’s ambiguous enough that they can just be “friends” at the very end. And if you didn’t want Korra and Asami end up together, well, there’s that statement Mako made earlier, right?

It’s still actually up to the way we interpret the ending. But the major consensus does go that it’s Korrasami. And that’s a pretty good ending. Seeing the two together actually made perfect sense. Especially after hearing the conversation the two had prior them going on vacation. I would actually hate it if The Legend of Korra’s ending was a political statement of some kind. No, the show is entertaining as it is. There’s no need for them to make a big statement about the gender of both characters. None at all.

It was one of the best endings to one of the best cartoons, no, one of the best shows on TV. It was touching, heartwarming, satisfying and all around gave me a warm feeling inside.

It was perfect.

Couldn't have said it better myself

Couldn’t have said it better myself

What did you think of the ending of The Legend of Korra? Are you a fan of the Korrasami ship? Let me know in the comments section below!

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