A Good Hard Look at DC’s Movie Plans

Last month, the Internet exploded with a ton of geekdom movie news. DC disclosed their movie plans for the next few years. It was announced they’ll be a new Ghostbusters movie with an all-female cast! And after that, Marvel decided to counter DC reveal by announcing their Phase 3 lineup! There’s just so many things to write about, I just couldn’t keep up! I wanted to write up everything in one single post but I think it wouldn’t give them the proper justice. So, I’m going to tackle each of them for the next few weeks. First up, I decided to look at Warner Bros. and DC’s movie plans… until 2020!

That's a long time!

That’s a long time!

DC new movie timeline all started with last year’s Man of Steel. This is going to be followed up with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which is still a stupid name, in my opinion), Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and culminating with Justice League: Part 1 (!) on 2017. After that, DC’s movie lineup continues with The Flash and Aquaman in 2018 and Shazam and Justice League: Part 2 in 2019! Finally, they’re going to close out the decade with big screen adaptations for Cyborg and Green Lantern (again) in 2020.

Looking at the timeline, it seems… weird. A hit-or-miss kind of thing. There are a lot of stuff where I can say “Hey! That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?” which are counteracted by “That’s a pretty dumb idea. What where they thinking?”

First, the good things I like about the lineup. I like that they’re focusing on the DC Trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) prior to the first Justice League film. I’ve always thought that Wonder Woman always deserved her own film and I just didn’t understand how the awful Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern feature got green lit (pun intended) first. Then again, after seeing the results of that live action stinker, I’m sort of glad they didn’t! I’d hate to think what would’ve happened if a Wonder Woman movie had Green Lantern’s production values!

Still, it’s not like DC couldn’t pull off a really incredible Wonder Woman feature. They already pulled off the fantastic direct-to-video Wonder Woman animated film a while back. Honestly, it was a pretty good take on the Amazonian Princess. And it was full of great action and violence as well as a few unexpected twists along the way.  Too bad it wasn’t financially successful, which may have been the reason why the decided to put off making a live-action version until now.

Now, including the Suicide Squad to their “Phase 1” (I know this isn’t an official name but I got used to using it because of the Marvel series of flicks) movies is a ballsy move… and one I wholeheartedly approve of! Like Marvel’s recent Guardians of the Galaxy, this movie is going to be about a rather unknown group of superpowered crooks who band together to take on a common threat. Since the Suicide Squad usually has a revolving cast, they can pretty much add anyone they want here!

I'm not holding my breath for Harley Quinn to appear here, though.

I’m not holding my breath for Harley Quinn to appear here, though.

Their “Phase 2” (or After Justice League Part 1) series looks decent but not spectacular. Having Shazam finally get his own movie (with The Rock playing Black Adam) is fantastic as he should’ve had his own big screen debut much earlier. The other two superheroes to get their own films, The Flash and Aquaman could be good. Oddly enough, I think Aquaman has more potential to be bigger than The Flash. While most geeks make fun of DC’s version of the King of the Seven Seas, casting uber-muscleman Jason Momoa shows that they’re really committed to making the character “cool.”

But the latter films look uninspiring. Cyborg is getting his own standalone film? Yes, he’s supposed to be more kick-ass in the New 52, but he’s just a very bland character overall. But he is a part of the new Justice League films so he has to have his own solo adventure… but he really doesn’t. They’re also giving Green Lantern a reboot which is… okay, I guess. I just wish they would focus on the bigger DC Universe and other characters instead of retreading a superhero that already had his own (unsuccessful) film.

Inconspicuously off the list are follow up sequels. No news about another Superman film or a Bat-fleck flick. DC is supposedly going to make them but.. they aren’t on the list, which makes me suspicious if they actually have any solid plans for them to be actually made. There’s also no news about other superheroes making their big screen debuts. There’s supposed to be a Sandman film in the works but they haven’t gave a solid release date.

Just tell me who's playing Death!

Just tell me who’s playing Death!

I both like it and hate it at the same time. The first three films I pretty stoked about, especially Suicide Squad. But after that, not so much. I think they should just focus on the DC Trinity and give them movies with the other heroes (The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg) getting supporting roles. I think they’re spreading themselves too thin with all of these standalone films and it lends DC and Warner Bros. to making movies about characters that no one cares about.

I see DC trying to differentiate themselves from the way Marvel released their movies. They obviously don’t want to look like blatant copycats even though they have to play catch up with all the massive successful Marvel films has generated. It sure doesn’t inspire confidence in me.

I wish DC and Warner Bros all the luck in the world… because their gonna need it.

What’s your take on DC’s superhero movie lineup? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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