Dinosaurs: The most depressing ending I’ve seen

Before you read this article, please be aware that I may be revealing the endings to some television programs to illustrate my point. So, only read on if you’re okay with spoilers.

Whoops! Wrong kind of spoiler!

Whoops! Wrong kind of spoiler!

We’ve all seen series that can’t give a satisfying conclusion. People have complained about the ending of The Sopranos abrupt “fade to black” or Lost’s “limbo in church.” Even the super-popular Seinfeld sitcom couldn’t think of anything better than the “they all go to jail” ending.

Dinosaurs’ series finale didn’t suffer the same fate. I’ll have to say the writers did give a satisfying conclusion. The problem is it was one of the most depressing one’s ever!

The volcano will have special meaning later.

The volcano will have special meaning later.

First, here’s a brief summary of the show for those that haven’t seen it…

Dinosaurs was a situation comedy using dinosaur puppets as the primary characters. Think of it like the Simpsons, but with dinosaurs. The show focuses on the Sinclair family. Earl is the head of the family, who (like Homer), is dumb but does a lot of things to make sure that his family is taken care of. Fran is Earl’s wife, who takes care of the home. There’s also Robbie and Charlene, the son and daughter of Earl and Fran. Robbie is rebellious and tends to question authority (especially when it seems stupid). Charlene’s main focus is to be popular and tries to find ways to increase her status in the school.

Finally, we have Baby, who is the youngest of the family and hatched in the first episode. He loves to tease Earl by calling him “not the mama” and he tends to show his affection to his father in unorthodox ways.

So let’s now go to the final episode of the show…

The very last episode of the show has the Sinclair family waiting for the Bunch Beetle migration to happen. However, the Bunch Beetle has already been wiped out because a wax fruit factory was built on the insect’s breeding grounds. Without the Bunch Beetles, the entire continent becomes overrun by a creeper vine. The creeper vines are usually kept in check by the Bunch Beetles, who usually eat the plant.

Earl is put in charge to keep the creeper vines in check and decides to spray a massive amount of plant killer on the continent. This proves disastrous as this also kills all plant life on the continent! A new plan is hatched to have massive amounts of rain by causing all of the volcanoes to errupt, which is an extremely bad idea as it just covers the entire planet with a cloud of ash, resulting in global cooling because no sunlight can enter the atmosphere.

Now, here’s the final and most depressing ending to a show I’ve ever seen…

So, not only did they all die horrible deaths in the freezing cold, they also essentially killed themselves. I knew they wanted to send a message to the viewers that we have to take care of nature and all of that, but did they have to kill off a great cast of characters to make that point?

Makes you wonder how they’ll kill off the characters in Ice Age…

"Mommy! Mommy! Did the tribe of humans really eat Manny and Diego?"

“Mommy! Mommy! Did the tribe of humans really eat Manny and Diego?”

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