Episode 314: Why Claire Redfield Has The Best Campaign in Resident Evil 2 Remake

I don’t care what’s canon. Claire Redfield’s story is league’s better than Leon’s campaign, A or B!


Episode 17: Why The Lack Of Girls Heroes in Games?

Hiya! Last time, I went on a rant about how guy gamers seem to let their machismo from letting girl gamers into their world. Well, I’m sorry. But I’m going on another rant again. Now I’m questioning why there are very few girls protagonists in video games. I’m not saying there aren’t. There’s Lara Croft…

I’ll Review Anything: Resident Evil 6

It’s hard to deny the legacy of the Resident Evil. Sure, there was Alone in the Dark and even the first Clock Tower. But horror games weren’t popular and not on anyone’s radar. Then the first Resident Evil was released on the original Playstation and that all changed.┬áIt even coined a new type of genre:…