New post now up on Gamemoir

Just giving a quick mention that my latest post for Gamemoir is now up. It all about piracy in third world countries (specifically the Philippines) and why I think it happens in my opinion. Please check it out if you have the time!  

New article is up on Gamemoir!

Hello everyone! A new article that I’ve written for Gamemoir is now up! It’s about Grand Theft Auto V and the things I think they should add in their next installment. It’s entitled “Four Things I Hope Will Be In Future Grand Theft Auto Games.” Please check it out!

New Post on Gamemoir!

Hi again everyone! A new post I wrote has just been posted on Gamemoir! It’s a list of four “non-mainstream” games I believe would actually work with Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect peripheral. Please give it a read! Here’s a direct link: Four Obscure Games That Would Be Better With Kinect

Another post is up on Gamemoir

Hey everyone! I just like everyone to know that my latest post for Gamemoir is now up! It’s all about my first time going through the Suicide mission of Mass Effect 2, leading to the deaths of some of my squad. The post is entitled The Disastrous Decimation of My Mass Effect 2 Team. Please…